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How to Unlock Cal's Jedi Robes in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Legacy of the Order.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is filled with dozens of cosmetic items that you can use to dress up both Cal and BD-1. There’s an absurd amount of variation, whether you want Cal to look like a mullet-rocking space trucker or a gritty armor-enhanced mercenary. While experimenting with Cal’s look in Survivor can be a lot of fun, if you want to stay true to his roots in the Jedi Order, you’ll absolutely want to unlock the Jedi Robes outfit. Luckily, the item is remarkably easy to get your hands on if you know where to look. It may not be the most inconspicuous clothing option, but it’s certainly one of the bravest.

Where to Find the Jedi Robes in Jedi: Survivor

If you’ve played through the story already, head to the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point.


The big catch with the Jedi Robes is that you won’t be able to obtain them until roughly halfway through the story. The chest you need is on Jedha but in an area called the Pilgrim’s Path, which you won’t be able to access until your second visit to the planet.

Once you do that, however, just keep following the story objectives to have Cal accompany Merrin to try and save Brother Armias. Keep following the path and eventually, you’ll come to a region called Trailhead Pantheon, and near the end of this area is the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point.

Head into the building on the right from the Crypt of Uhrma.


Once you’ve reached the point, turn around and head into the door on your right, into a large circular meditation chamber. Take down the two Stormtroopers, then head up the stairs on your right. Don’t head into the door at the top, however, and instead look over to your right for a small little alcove drenched in green light.

A quick wall run and the robes are yours.


The chest in this alcove contains the Jedi Robes, so simply wall run on the wall to your left, jump into the alcove, and open the chest. Unlike some other cosmetics, the Jedi Robes instantly comes with six different color variations, so mix and match as you see fit.

How to Use Photo Mode in Jedi Survivor

Jedi: Survivor has a robust Photo Mode that can be opened by pressing the proper button prompt on the main menu.


Now that you have your hands on those slick Jedi Robes, you might want to snap a few choice pics, but Survivor doesn’t make how to use its Photo Mode immediately obvious. Simply open the main menu by hitting the Options/Menu button or Escape on your keyboard. Then, on the main menu, hit Triangle on PS5, Y on Xbox, or F on your keyboard.

Keep in mind you’ll need to equip any cosmetics you want ahead of time, as Survivor’s Photo Mode doesn’t let you change Cal’s look in the middle of snapping pics.

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