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Everything you need to know about Splitgate Season 0

It’s time.

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The new hit shooter Splitgate — which feels like a mashup of Halo and Portal — got its first bit of seasonal content, as announced during August’s Gamescom Opening Night Live. Splitgate commenced their first official season, confusingly titled Splitgate Season 0. It comes with a brand new Battle Pass for you to tear through, maps, quality of life changes, and other additions.

Here’s everything we know about Splitgate Season 0.

When is the Splitgate Season 0 end date?

Splitgate Season 0 began on August 25, 2021. There’s currently no available end date for Splitgate Season 0. It should be noted that the game is still considered to be in beta.

Is there a Splitgate Season 0 trailer?

Yes! You can enjoy the full trailer below.

The trailer is basically a sizzle reel featuring all the gunplay hijinks you can perform in Splitgate. It features some Season 0 additions as well, such as the new human skins, which veer away from the Halo-esque armored skins previously scattered across the game.

How are the Splitgate Season 0 queue times?

Splitgate was once known for its protracted queue times, which could last well over an hour. During the trial and error of perfecting, Splitgate, those times have been reduced dramatically.

The queue for Season 0 is usually non-existent but has reached certain high points like five minutes to enter.

Splitgate Season 0 has extremely good queue times.

Is there a new Splitgate Season 0 map?

There’s one new map named Karman Station, which reimagines the map, Outpost. Certain players might remember Outpost from Splitgate’s Alpha. Karman Station is designed to replace Outpost and improve on the old map’s ideas.

Karman Station in the flesh.

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What is the Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass?

The Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass is the game’s first real battle pass. While Splitgate Version 1.0 included a prototype battle pass with limited leveling and mostly free items, Season 0 transitions to a paid system. The battle pass costs 950 Splitcoins. You can use it to earn new skins, Splitcoins, and other rewards.

What are the new Splitgate Season 0 game modes?

There are two whole new modes in Splitgate Season 0!

You can now play an asymmetrical mode called Contamination. The “Contaminated” team faces off against the “Human” team.

Contaminated players can only use bats, while humans are limited to shotguns. When a human player perishes, they will respawn as a Contaminated player. Humans win if the time runs out, and the Contaminated win if they can eliminate all the other players.

There’s also a mode called Casual Team Rumble. Well, it’s more of a playlist featuring all the wacky game modes that are a bit too zany for the normal casual audience. This includes Contamination, Split Ball, Zombie VIP, and more.

What other improvements were made for Splitgate Season 0?

Splitgate Season 0 features numerous additions:

  • King of the Hill, VIP, and Oddball now have Overtime.
  • You can earn a drop by completing all daily challenges.
  • The Custom Games browser has received a search bar and a filter option.
  • Every single mode now has a killcam and there’s a final killcam.
  • You can adjust the aim assist percentage on your controller.

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