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Splitgate release date, server queue times, console ports, and more

A refreshing take on an arguably tired genre.

1047 Games

A new PvP first-person shooter, Splitgate, has joined the fray.

Splitgate is a free-to-play, sci-fi themed FPS that has garnered some serious attention recently, hailing from developer and publisher 1047 Games. It will compete with the likes of Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, and 2021’s Call of Duty. While the game has drawn a crowd, many other potential players might have some questions about the FPS.

How does Splitgate play? And which platforms is it on? What’s going on with its servers? All of that and more will be answered below. Here’s everything we know about Splitgate.

What is the Splitgate 1.0 release date?

Splitgate is available in beta right now and is scheduled to launch in full in August 2021.


While Splitgate is playable right now, it’s technically still in beta. It launched in early access for PC in May 2019, and released in beta on consoles in July 2021.

The full game is scheduled to launch later in August 2021.

Is there a Splitgate trailer?

The Splitgate open beta trailer shows off the game’s Portal combat.

There is a Splitgate open beta trailer. It showcases the game’s signature “Portal Combat” wherein players can shoot wormholes to defeat enemies in interesting and creative ways. It also gives us a glimpse of its melee combat, maps, and fast-paced gameplay.

What are the Splitgate platforms?

Splitgate is currently in beta for PC via Windows and Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

What is the Splitgate gameplay like?

Splitgate’s portal combat is its standout mechanic.

1047 Games

Splitgate stands on its own and is being touted as “Halo meets Portal.” That gameplay style is evident from watching its trailers, and it’s a refreshing take on an arguably tired genre.

It’s a PvP game that consists of four-player (or two-player) squads competing against one another in Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, Domination, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and other popular game modes.

But the real catch is the way it blends its Portal-like mechanics, allowing players to shoot wormholes at surfaces to traverse around the map. Much like Portal, this mechanic introduces an opportunity to get creative in the midst of a match.

Need to get in closer to your opponent? Shoot a portal behind (or above) them, followed by another one at your feet to “drop in” on them. Or, use the portal system to escape death if you’re in the middle of a tough firefight.

Beyond the intriguing portal mechanics, Splitgate also feels like a fast-paced FPS, much like Halo or even Destiny 2. Maps are built with some degree of verticality in mind, with many avenues to get above or below your opponents.

Why have the Splitgate servers been crowded?

Wait times are well past the 30-minute mark in its current state.

1047 Games

The most prominent issue plaguing Splitgate in its current state are its crowded servers. Wait times can take 30 minutes to get into a match — if not longer. This is a major blow to a game that could very well compete in the FPS space.

But why have the game’s servers been so crowded? Well aside from its intriguing premise, it’s a game that has been covered by many popular Warzone YouTubers including JGOD, TheExclusiveAce, and TrueGameData. Following the Activision/Blizzard lawsuit that shed light on toxic working environments at the publisher’s studios, influential content creators took a break from covering Warzone to give Splitgate a spotlight on their channels.

This, combined with Splitgate’s small server cap of around 65,000 players, led to a sudden large influx of users. Beause of this, developer 1074 Games had to push Splitgate’s full release to August, as the team aims to improve the server cap.

As of August 2, 2021, wait times are well past the one-hour mark, based on our testing.

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