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Splitgate mobile release date: iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch rumors

Developer 1047 Games wants Splitgate on “everything.”

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1047 Games

Splitgate took the industry by storm when it was released by developer 1047 Games in August 2021. Hundreds of thousands of players flocking to the free-to-play shooter so quickly that server queues became incredibly long. Currently, the game is only available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, but what about other platforms? If you’ve been dreaming of a Splitgate mobile port then let's dive into the future of the popular shooter.

Is there a Splitgate mobile port in the works?

In short, yes! Developer 1047 Games is working on a Splitgate mobile port, though there isn’t much else we know about this upcoming version of the shooter. As part of a Twitch Q&A session in August 2021, 1047 Games’ CEO Ian Proulx said, “We want [Splitgate] to be available on mobile, Switch, I mean – everything,” as relayed by NME.

In addition, Proulx said crossplay support could be implemented across all Splitgate versions, including the mobile port, though it would be tricky to implement. 1047 Games also has plans to bring Splitgate to Nintendo Switch as well. In regards to this, Proulx said a Switch version is “absolutely part of the vision.”

“We need to concentrate on the existing platforms we’re on and make sure that if we do expand to Switch, we do it right and we do it well,” Proulx told Inverse as part of an interview published in September 2021.

You can tell the studio is focused on bringing as many players on board as possible, with the free-to-play model allowing users to try it with ease. In addition, crossplay over PlayStation, Xbox, and PC makes it easy for its audience to enjoy the game with friends. So, bringing Splitgate to even more platforms makes perfect sense.

A mobile port is likely, but it’ll take some time.

1047 Games

Considering 1047 Games is a smaller studio, a Splitgate mobile port could take quite some time to develop. The team is currently supporting the game with frequent updates and content drops, meaning the staff remains active and busy working on the existing game.

Splitgate doesn’t boast impressive graphics by any means compared to more recent AAA titles, but scaling it down to run effectively on mobile and Nintendo Switch could be a hurdle if the team wants to maintain the high level of quality introduced in the other versions.

Given the limitations of a mobile device (when compared to PC and consoles), the process would require some creative design changes to let the game run as effectively on iOS and Android. We’ve seen it done before with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG, so in this case, it’s only a matter of time before Splitgate is playable on mobile devices.

Splitgate is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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