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How to get the "I'm on a Boat" trophy in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Swim trunks AND flippy floppys.

Like the real New York City, the metropolis presented in Spider-Man: Miles Morales has some rich secrets if you know where to look. You'll be rewarded with a small trophy if you visit certain locations. In the original Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, you could visit the grave of Peter Parker’s deceased Uncle Ben.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has tripled the number of visitable places you can attend in exchange for a trophy. For example, you can visit a statue of the late Stan Lee for a bronze trophy and a short tribute. You can also visit a derelict boat for a trophy titled "I'm on a Boat." It's a seemingly random reference to the Lonely Island song of the same name that was published more than a decade ago.

Here's how you do it.

The boat that will unlock the "I'm on a Boat" trophy is located in Chinatown, right off Manhattan island. You can follow the below map below to find it. Head to where the arrow is located to stumble upon the boat necessary for the trophy. Your exact mileage may vary. The boat moves a little bit, but will never stray too far from this area. It's impossible to miss. None of the other watercraft around look quite like it.

I'm on a Boat trophy location

Insomniac Games

The easiest way to find the boat, however, is to wait for Time Capsules to unlock as a discoverable series of objects on the city map. This will happen midway through the story, but one of those locations will be this particular boat.

There should also be a light green stamp denoting a Time Capsule collectible on the boat, which contains two ping pong paddles. Finding it will trigger a brief monologue from Miles about his friend Phin Mason.

No matter your method, once in range, you can web zip to the boat and the "I'm on a Boat" trophy will pop.

Why Insomniac chose to honor the Lonely Island with this reference is anyone's guess. There isn't a history of doing so in past games. A few possible motives include a tweet from shortly after Marvel's Spider-Man launched in 2018. Insomniac seemingly quote tweeted a user in photo mode and captioned it "I'm on a Boat." The tweet wasn't particularly viral nor insightful, making it unlikely to be the reason.

Another possibility is that the trophy is a reference to the "boat people" found in Marvel's Spider-Man. In the original, they were low-resolution models located on New York's outer edges, presumably because the developer assumed nobody would take a closer look. With the advent of Spider-Man Remastered, the boat people became an Easter egg. Despite the overall facelift, their models remained broken, but Insomniac added a little sticky note acknowledging their existence. Perhaps this is their roundabout way of referencing the boat people in Miles Morales?

A final possibility is that they simply like the song "I'm on a Boat." It's a catchy earworm.

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