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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ASAP

Gotta go fast.

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Spider-Man 2

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, New York is bigger and more alive than in the first two games, adding fully explorable Queens and Brooklyn. This means the size of the world is nearly twice that of the other entries, and while you have plenty of new traversal options, you might want to use fast travel for moments when you just don’t feel like taking the scenic route. Spider-Man 2’s fast travel is truly impressive, letting you move anywhere across the city in seconds, but unfortunately, you’ll need to put in a bit of work before you’re able to use it. Here’s how to unlock fast travel.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2

Each district has its own completion gauge, meaning you’ll need to unlock fast travel for each area.

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You’ll need to unlock the ability to fast travel for each district, so don’t expect it to be available right away or across the entire map. Every district has its own “completion rate” with three tiers of rewards. This gauge goes up whenever you complete objectives in that neighborhood, whether that’s stopping random crimes, completing side quests, beating main missions, or finding collectibles like Spider-Bots. Every time you do any of these, you’ll see how much XP you earned, and the completion gauge will briefly pop up on-screen and fill slightly. Once you’ve reached the second tier, noted by the little building icon, fast travel will unlock.

Keep in mind that you have to do this for all the districts. The best way to unlock fast travel as soon as possible is to complete any side quests or activities that pop up, as these typically quickly increase your completion rate.

How to Use Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2

Once it’s unlocked, you can instantly fast travel to any point in a district.

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Once you’ve unlocked fast travel for a district you’ll be able to use it at any time. Simply open the main menu and go to the Map tab, then move your cursor anywhere over the district. You can actually do this for any point you’ve moved your cursor to by holding down the triangle button, then within just one or two seconds you’ll instantly be there, so you don’t need to rely on checkpoints.

If you’d rather just swing yourself around the city, there are plenty of options for increasing your traversal speed. Look out for air vents and currents you can use with your Web Wings for a boost, or try to spot slingshot launch pads you can use to hurl yourself off buildings. Ansd if you unlock the Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash abilities, you’ll be able to move through the city even faster.

Invest in the Traversal Suit Tech to get around the city even faster.

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Another option is to invest in Traversal under the Suit Tech upgrades in the main menu. Here, you can upgrade the stats of both Spider-Men by using Hero Tokens (earned through activities like Hunter Blinds or Mysteriums) and Tech Parts (gathered from chests around the city or almost all activities). The Traversal tree allows you to increase things like swing speed and the amount of time you can glide on Web Wings, letting you traverse the city even faster.

Spider-Man 2 is available on PlayStation 5 on October 20.

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