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PlayStation matches donations made by developers to support Black Lives Matter

Sony Interactive Entertainment is contributing to progressive movements in America by matching donations from employees.

The death of George Floyd has inspired worldwide protests, and among the many corporations voicing their support and solidarity over social media, PlayStation stands out as one that's gone one step further by matching donations from developers at subsidiaries like Naughty Dog.

On May 31, multiple developers from The Last of Us Part II's Naughty Dog revealed this donation-matching initiative to help protestors and other pro-Black organizations on Twitter. "Doing my part. Please consider donating to an organization," a message from Naughty Dog Communications Director Arne Meyer reads. "Stay safe and love you all."

"Thank you PlayStation for matching these donations," The Last of Us Part II Writer and Director Niel Druckmann also wrote on Twitter in his own tweet about the donations.

PlayStation has matched donations from Naughty Dog's Communications Director and The Last of Us Part 2's Director.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Over the weekend, a series of widespread demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism emerged around the world due to police brutality, which caused the death of George Floyd.

Many creators have voiced support for the movements and are donating to various causes like Black Lives Matter to help. Since the protests broke out, many gaming companies have voiced support for, and even donated to pro-Black organizations and causes.

Both Naughty Dog and PlayStation have since put out statements in regards to this situation. "Now is not the time to be silent," a May 31 message from Naughty Dog on Twitter reads. "For too long have too many suffered under a system problem in America. Too many have lost sons daughter, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. We stand in solidarity against racism and injustice."

"Now is the time for all to do our part and end anti-Black racism and violence," the post continues. "Many of use at Naughty Dog are donating to national and local organizations. Please consider donating yourself. We hope to see the beginning of lasting change for POC in America. #BlackLivesMatter." The post mentions that multiple The Last of Us Part 2 developers are donating to causes supporting the protests caused by the death of George Floyd, so PlayStation will presumably be matching many donations.

Sony shared this message over Twitter via the official PlayStation acount.


"We denounce systemic racism and violence against the Black community," PlayStation said in a similar Twitter message on June 1. "We will continue to work towards a future marked by empathy and inclusion and stand with our Black creators, players, employees, families, and friends. #BlackLivesMatter."

This message, along with others about donation matching, all happened in the days before Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to delay the June 4 event that was supposed to unveil the next-generation PS5 system. A new date has still not been set at the time of this writing.

This decision might frustrate gamers who were looking forward to the event, but PlayStation is clearly more concerned with supporting its developers and community during these protests than unveiling the PS5 at an improper time.

Inverse has reached out to Sony Interactive Entertainment for comment and will update this post as news arises.

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