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How to complete the Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl crossover Tall Tale

Seek the Black Pearl or walk the plank.

A major highlight of Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase was the reveal of a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed expansion for Sea of Thieves that introduces Jack Sparrow and his crew in a bonafide hunt for treasure. As part of the free expansion, a new set of Tall Tale quests have been added — one of which is called “The Sunken Pearl.”

This second Tall Tale takes you on a journey to find Jack’s compass. After all, what good is a pirate without a trusty compass?

There are a lot of intricacies to getting started and completing this Tall Tale, but in this guide, we’ll show you what you need to know to get through it. Here’s how to complete (and start) the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves.

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How to start the Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

The Castaway in Sea of Thieves


Beginning the mission requires a few prerequisites. You need to finish the first Tall Tale, “A Pirates Life” before starting this next one. You do this by speaking with the Castaway at any outpost. Then go through the steps to complete that quest, which eventually leads you to Jack Sparrow. After it's finished, go back to an outpost to speak with the Castaway again, and you’ll be able to start The Sunken Pearl by interacting with the shell on the wall behind her.

How to complete the Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves.


After you’ve accepted the quest, sail out to the nearby blue light coming out from the ocean, indicating your objective. You should be able to see it from your location. After you arrive, jump out and follow the debris all the way down to the ocean floor, making sure to stop at the bubbles for air.

At the ocean floor, you’ll see more bubbles coming out of elongated pieces of coral, so follow them until you reach the Black Pearl. Once there, swim to the main deck of the ship and then head down into the opening towards the front. Move the debris and grab the key from the blue coral enemy.

Then, swim back up to the ship’s main deck to open the captain’s quarters to grab the compass. Follow the compass to a cave. Follow the path until you get to a room with several mermaid statues, all of which are holding different items. You’ll notice on the wall, there’s a carving that represents the mermaid statues in the room.

As you can expect, you need to shoot or attack the statues to get them to match the positioning on the carving. When you attack, the statues move their arm, so match the carving and then shoot the main statue in the center to confirm. You’ll have to do this again on the next floor above you.

Mermaid Statues

The Siren Heart in Sea of Thieves.


If you’ve done this section correctly, you’ll spawn a group of enemies to face. Take them out and one will drop a Siren Heart, which can be placed in the statue with the purple piece of coral in its hand. Once you’ve done that and arranged the statues correctly, the water will rise once again.

Climb to the top and hit the glowing item on the left side of the wall to open up the path ahead. After that, head back towards the Black Pearl and you’ll come across a siren. Take out the Siren and acquire another Siren Heart. Follow Jack’s compass to yet another set of mermaid statues and place the Siren Heart in the correct one.

Then, attack the Mermaid statue to the left of the large door and make your way through the path. Once again, you’ll come to more statues. You know what to do. Position them accordingly, then swim up to the top and use your gun to shoot the bigger Mermaid Statue to confirm the positions. If done correctly, you’ll be able to reach the next area.

Fight the enemies, and interact with the nearby pulley to open the nearby door. After this, you’ll need to interact with another pulley to lower a shipwreck. Once you do that, quickly run over to it and it will rise like an elevator.

The Silver Blade Key

Key in the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale.


Follow this path and you’ll come to yet another set of mermaid statues. Shoot them all to match the carving on the wall and then look up again to snipe the bigger statue to confirm the positions. The water will then begin to rise so head back into the previous room and jump onto a ladder that can now be climbed thanks to the water level being raised.

Climb up, use the pulley to raise the bridge, and follow the path to grab the key. Head back to the bridge and this time take the path to the right which leads to another barrier. Shoot the glowing orb on the right and continue onward. Take this path to the main deck of the ship ahead and use the key to unlock the captain’s cabin.

Go inside, grab the chest and then take out the enemies that spawn. Raise the anchor after you’ve taken out the first wave and a second wave will spawn. Take them out and then you’ll be able to face the Kraken. Keep shooting the Kraken with cannons and it will go away.

Kraken and Siren boss fights

Kraken in Sea of Thieves.


After defeating the Kraken, you’ll be spawned in a new area, which leads to the Siren boss fight. There isn’t much to this fight — keep shooting and make sure you eat food when you need to heal. Afterward, you’ll have one more mermaid statue room to get through and you’ll then be finished with the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale.

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