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All 12 bachelors and bachelorettes you can romance in Rune Factory 5

How to choose your one true love.

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Rune Factory 5, a fantasy Harvest Moon, implements similar dating mechanics to those seen in “chill games” like Stardew Valley. However, as one might wonder early on, who is the best romantic partner to pursue? Who is the most interesting, dateable man or woman in the town, so you can try to woo them over as soon as possible?

Rune Factory 5 offers a new generation of unique bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from. Thankfully, this game even lets you choose from any of the marriage candidates regardless of your gender. That’s right: Gay marriage is finally allowed! It’s not even a half-assed interpretation, as the team has written an extensive blog about how they did it.

With that in mind, feel free to date any of these 12 bachelors and bachelorettes.

12. Martin

Martin deeply respects his master and his craft, which he shows by worrying everyone with his constant desire to work.


Martin takes his work as a blacksmith’s apprentice seriously — sometimes too seriously. He comes off as aloof and blunt, but players later learn that he doesn’t mean to be as unfriendly as he seems.

He’s sillier than he lets on, too. He nicknames his tools and can sometimes be found talking to them, and sometimes makes a goofy smile while lost in his own thoughts. Also, he accepts ores — even just plain Iron — as a gift, which is really convenient to find! Bonus points if you gift his master some ores, too.

11. Cecil

Cecil’s dream is to become an ace detective, just like his boss, Terry.


Cecil constantly seeks mystery as the apprentice of the town detective. He often calls all cases and chores, including finding old ladies’ missing glasses, a mystery that needs to be solved. Terry, his boss, claims that they sometimes have trouble completing tasks on time because of every “mystery” that pops up.

Cecil glows with cheerful, easygoing, energy, though he can be a bit naive. His adventuring often worries his brother, Martin, because of how easily he can get himself into trouble. He can often be found standing idly with his arms behind his head and enjoys sweets like Ice Cream.

10. Murakamo

Murakumo would totally give you a hug.


Murakumo is here for the furries and himbo lovers. He’s a buff, purple-furred wolfman with a super friendly if slightly gullible personality. Misasagi, a were-animal woman who ends up running the General Store, is his older sister, which makes her daughter Hina his niece.

Murakumo runs Blue Moon, the local inn, and often gives away too much for free because of his overwhelming desire to make others happy. Many of his friends and neighbors scold him for letting others take advantage of him, though he never seems to learn his lesson. On the bright side, he gifts the player five free trips to the bath once they move to town.

9. Ryker

Ryker apparently ventures out at night doing who-knows-what.


Ryker is one of the more strange and less open bachelors of the bunch, but he offers some fun banter. Many of the townspeople pick on him for being lazy and sleeping through the day, though he claims to be serious about his work. When he starts diligently working, it’s enough for the townspeople to be concerned about his health.

He seems to have a somewhat “chuunibyou” inspiration, often going on about some fabled origin story or superpowers. However, he normally sticks to the lazy guy routine and knows when to cut it out. His chuuni heritage barely comes up in conversation, though players who know anime tropes might notice even from just his character design and gestures.

8. Reinhard

Reinhard is a dedicated knight in shining armor, and possibly an even more dedicated partner.


Reinhard is a dedicated knight that serves Princess Beatrice. It might seem a bit unnerving to go after someone who’s already very dedicated to somebody by profession. However, he does make time for the protagonist and pay special attention to them at higher friendship levels.

He’s earnest and hardworking and enjoys a partner who can spar with him. Plus, he’s one of the strongest characters in the early game at around Level 25 with a high attack stat, which can come in handy for leveling up in dungeons. His favorite gifts include easy-to-eat breads like Jam Rolls.

7. Lucas

Lucas impresses the town with his magic tricks, but he’s not sure where his abilities came from.


Lucas comes to Rigbarth as a lost soul, kind of like you. He somehow stumbled into the Crystal Caverns and lost his memories before traveling to Rigbarth. Lucas is still trying to remember all there is about himself and everyday life, so he often takes notes on what your character says and does. He’s naturally curious, studious, and difficult to anger. Appearance-wise, he’s more mature than the other bachelors with long, dark hair and some stubble.

One fun fact about Lucas? He also has a strange taste in interior decorating. Even after he moves into his own house, he keeps it unfurnished except for a table and chair in the middle, where he can be found reading, and sometimes, eating. Who does that?

6. Priscilla

Priscilla proves to you early on that her bedside manner is top-tier.


Priscilla is the first bachelorette the player meets when they wake up. As her best friend Lucy notes, she is known for her home skills like cooking, sewing, and writing. She starts working at the Bakery after your character joins SEED. She’s a kind, caring soul who enjoys sweets and reading in her free time. You might find that she has a bit of a romantic streak, too.

Notably, she won’t accompany you out of the village until you unlock her first friendship event. However, with some encouragement, she learns to face her fears. Many of her favorite gifts involve chocolate, like Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cookies.

5. Lucy

Lucy’s cutscene shot is at an angle because she literally bumps into you.


Lucy is Priscilla’s overprotective best friend, who’s notably rougher around the edges than her BFF. She’s the daughter of the doctor and mayor of Rigbarth, Simone, and the older sister of Julian. She can be found challenging the player to competitions in just about anything from fishing to finding her brother when he gets lost.

Her boundless energy and cheerfulness should catch the attention of those who prefer a perkier partner. She should also appeal to those who like tough girls who aren’t always clear about their feelings (without being overly tsundere). Sometimes Lucy gets self-conscious about how tomboyish she is compared to Priscilla but doesn’t let it get her down for long.

4. Fuuka

Fuuka needs subtitles for her language, but that’s okay.


Fuuka is a were-animal girl who works at Lackadaisy, the town restaurant. She doesn’t speak human language, but the main character learns how to translate her wolfish tongue early on in the game. One of her early bonding events involves a visit to the blacksmith’s, where she kept poking at ores and gems even though the employees asked her not to. So she’s free-spirited and friendly but sometimes hard to control. Her eyes sparkle at salted salmon and gems like Ruby and Amethyst.

Fun fact: She wears a fluffy brown ram onesie as her pajamas. If you ever pick up a request from her early in the morning, you might just see the sweet, horned thing!

3. Beatrice

Beatrice is the second princess of her kingdom, which seems to be in political turmoil.


Beatrice is a sheltered princess who flees from her royal life to safety in Rigbarth. She’s accompanied by her bodyguard, Reinhard. You, Reinhard, and SEED are the only few who know about her identity when she first comes to town. Her lack of experience makes her a bit of a mystery to the other villagers, but her sweet personality makes up for it.

She might be sheltered, but she doesn’t act spoiled. She makes it known early on that she is understanding and patient, though she can be oblivious without proper communication. When asked if she would peek at a secret box in Reinhard’s room, she claimed she would only do so if he said he was ready to show it to her. Her favorite gifts include fruits and sweets, especially strawberries.

2. Scarlett

Scarlett is order-oriented like this salute might imply.


Scarlett is your half-elf coworker who’s a stickler for the rules. She might not seem too friendly to you at first, but after the first mission with her, she starts to accept you as a SEED ranger instead of a stranger. Sure, she’s rigid, but only because she cares so about being a top-tier ranger like her father.

Scarlett is a SEED ranger, so she’s more involved with the main plot than the other marriage candidates. It also challenges her beliefs about following the rules to a tee, which the player can learn more about through her bonding events. She enjoys simple rice dishes like Onigiri and Bamboo Rice.

1. Ludmila

Heart eyes.


Ludmila is vocal about her feelings, that’s for sure. She will often flirt with the player openly, even before they reach a higher friendship level with them. This is partly because she’s a succubus who lives for love. Luckily (or unfortunately), she’s head over heels for the protagonist right away.

She might seem frivolous at first, but as you get to know her, you’ll find out more about her more serious values and backstory. Note: If you like Hu Tao from Genshin Impact, you might like her because they have the same vibe. They even have the same voice actress!

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