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Everything you need to know about Returnal‘s launch on PS5

This is what you need to know about the launch of the next PS5 exclusive.

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The next true PlayStation 5 exclusive is here.

The Demon’s Souls remake and Destruction All-Stars are some of the only PS5-exclusive games that have been released thus far. Returnal is the next game to join that small pantheon. It’s the first big-budget AAA title from developer Housemarque, which is known for smaller-scale games like Resogun and Nex Machina done in the style of classic arcade games.

Returnal is a third-person roguelike game that follows an astronaut named Selene after she crashlands onto an alien planet. Most of what you collect resets after every run, but you can use alien tech to upgrade your abilities for the future. On top of that, it’s an intense bullet-hell-like shooter that people that early impressions say is quite tough.

If you love intense games or are just looking to check out the next true PS5 exclusive, this is what you need to know about the launch of Returnal.

When is the Returnal release date and time?

Returnal will be released at 12 a.m. Eastern on April 30, 2021. It’s a pretty straightforward launch time right as the date of release begins, so if you pre-load the game you’ll be able to start playing at midnight right when it launches. The game is a PS5 exclusive, so it’s the only platform you have to worry about a release time for.

What is the Returnal file size?

Inverse can confirm that Returnal has a file size of 56.15 GB on PS5. It’s a fairly large file size, though it’s dwarfed by games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Regardless, it will take up a notable chunk of your PS5’s storage, which is only 1 TB, so be sure to clear some space before you pre-load this exclusive game.

Is there a Returnal preload?

Yes. Pre-loading for Returnal went live on April 25 several days before launch. All you have to do is pre-order the game, and the option to download it should show up for you in the PlayStation Store. By pre-loading the game, you can play it right when its release time rolls around because you won’t have to wait for it to download.

Is Returnal on PlayStation Plus?

No, Returnal is not on PS Plus at launch. While games like Destruction Allstars and Oddworld: Soulstorm debuted on the service, Returnal launches on April 30 separate from any of PlayStation’s subscription services. It will cost $70, which appears to be the standard going forward for Sony-published PS5 games going forward.

May’s PS Plus games are Wreckfest (on PS5 only), Battlefield V, and Stranded Deep according to PlayStation Blog.

The PS Plus games for May 2021

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Those games will be available from May 4 until May 31, 2021. Returnal will only be available as a full-price AAA game at this time. It’s certainly possible that Returnal could come to the subscription service eventually, but it likely won’t be for another year or two. And thus far there’s also no word on whether or not it might come to PC.

Returnal will be released for PS5 on April 30, 2021.

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