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Where to Find All 16 Clockwork Castellans in Resident Evil 4

These figurines are hard to find.

Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan
Capcom / Lais Borges

Throughout the Resident Evil 4 remake, there are 16 Clockwork Castellan figures to find, much like the collectibles in other recent games in the series. There’s one per each of the game’s 16 chapters, and they’re cleverly hidden, making them hard to track down. Collecting all 16 nets you the Primal Knife, which is one of the best melee weapons in the game. You’ll also earn an achievement/trophy for your troubles. Keep in mind, your progress carries over to New Game Plus, so don’t worry if you miss some throughout your initial playthrough. But where exactly are the Castellans located? Here’s where to find all 16 in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

All 16 Clockwork Castellan Locations

Clockwork Castellan 1

Found in the ceiling of a house inside Lakeside Settlement.


Chapter 1: Lakeside Settlement

The first Castellan is located in the house next to the villager throwing dynamite. Look for the figure within the destroyed roof of this house. Shoot it and you’ll earn progress toward collecting them.

Clockwork Castellan 2

Chapter 2: Abandoned Factory

Use the Hexagonal Emblem to open a gate and make your way to the north of the Abandoned Factory. On the left side is a little hut where you’ll find the Castellan on a pile of hay. This is close to an enemy wielding a chainsaw.

Clockwork Castellan 3

Chapter 3: Quarry

From the Merchant area just after the Quarry, drop down using the ladder, and then make your way ahead and you’ll find a barrel you can destroy. Above that is the Castellan sitting atop a few boxes, close to the water.

Clockwork Castellan 4

You’ll need the Insignia Key to reach this hidden Castellan.


Chapter 4: Forest Altar

Use the Insignia Key to open the gate inside the Lakeside Altar and then follow this path to the Forest Altar. The Castellan is located on the north side of this area, across from the ladder. It’s behind the fence on the ground.

Clockwork Castellan 5

Chapter 5: Village Chief’s Manor

Head to the attic of the Village Chief’s Manor by boosting Ashley up so she can drop down the ladder. The Castellan is found on a table next to a bucket.

Clockwork Castellan 6

Chapter 6: Checkpoint

Just before the Checkpoint area, look to the right across the gap to find the next Castellan next to a flaming pile of wood.

Clockwork Castellan 7

After climbing out of the dungeon area, this Castellan is found in a cellar.


Chapter 7: Treasury

Exit the dungeon, climb the ladder, and you’ll end up in a cellar. Wrap around and you’ll see the Castellan sitting on a shelf in the center.

Clockwork Castellan 8

Chapter 8: Castle Battlements

From the start of this area, head to the right, drop down, and then continue ahead, up the ladder to the next tower. At the top, you’ll find the next Castellan after wrapping all the way around. It’s sitting on some sandbags.

Clockwork Castellan 9

Chapter 9: Courtyard

This Castellan is tricky to find. Follow the maze to reach the northwestern side by a set of stairs. You’ll find the Castellan on the ground, behind some boxes and a pillar. A First Aid Spray is nearby.

Clockwork Castellan 10

Look for this Castellan across from the Merchant in the Depths.


Chapter 10: Depths

From the Merchant room in the sewer area, look directly across and you’ll see a grate on the wall. The Castellan is inside, hidden up to the left a little.

Clockwork Castellan 11

Chapter 11: Stopover

Once you finish the minecart section and reach the Stopover area, you’ll find the next Castellan on the roof of the nearby house. You can use the stairs to reach it or simply shoot it from below.

Clockwork Castellan 12

Chapter 12: Clock Tower

At the Clocktower, you’ll find the next Castellan on the bottom, on the same level as the base of the large statue. Head to the north and the Castellan is on a white container under the stairs.

Clockwork Castellan 13

This Castellan is found next to a green forklift.


Chapter 13: Wharf

In an optional area with an enemy wielding a rocket launcher, you’ll see several red shipping containers. In the southeastern sector of this area is a green forklift, and the Castellan is found to its right, on the ground, close to a red truck.

Clockwork Castellan 14

Chapter 14: Campsite

After you exit the Amber Storeroom, make a right to the west and you’ll come to a small room with a set of lockers. The Castellan is on top.

Clockwork Castellan 15

Chapter 15: Specimen Storage

On the north side of Specimen Storage, there’s a room with a treasure chest. Enter this room, and look up to the rafters to find the next Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan 16

This last Castellan is found during the chase sequence at the end.


Chapter 16: Underground Passage

As you make your escape, you’ll come to a larger room with lots of enemies. In the northern sector is a green forklift, and the Castellan is just behind it on some containers.

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