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4 Essential Tips to Farm Money Fast in Resident Evil 4

Feed the greed.

Resident Evil 4
Capcom / Lais Borges

You won’t get far in the Resident Evil 4 remake without accumulating a small fortune of currency, referred to as pesetas in-game. Although Resident Evil 4 does give you plenty of opportunities to earn money, it can often be unclear what the most effective cash-farming methods are. While there’s no known cheese method to earn cash ridiculously quickly, there are several ways to earn pesetas effectively. Here are four tips to earn in-game money fast.

4. Go Hunting

The most underrated way to earn money is to take out animals such as crows or fish. When dealing with crows, we suggest using the Bolt Thrower, which can be purchased from the Merchant for 10,000 pesetas. The reason this weapon works so well is that it’s silent, meaning you can take out all the crows in one area, without scaring them off. In addition, you can retrieve the bolts from the downed creature, meaning you’ll never waste ammo.

As for fish, you can actually use the unlimited harpoons on your boat to eliminate them in the water. Make sure you drive the boat around after dealing with the massive Del Lago boss at the lake so you can find fish.

You can then collect the items dropped by fish or crows and use them to sell to the Merchant. Sometimes they drop resources, but other times, they’ll give you money or treasures.

3. Sell Unneeded Items

Clear up inventory space and sell items to the Merchant for quick cash.


Speaking of which, you can sell unnecessary items to the Merchant, such as keys, ammo, weapons, and pretty much anything else. The key is to ensure you don’t sell something you actually need, so make sure you’re deliberate when deciding which items to get rid of. Do make sure you pay attention to items that you don’t need anymore like the Hunter’s Lodge Key. The game won’t let you sell any story items you still need.

2. Complete Requests

Requests are new ways to earn rewards in the remake, and while they don’t directly give you cash, completing these optional missions can lead to lots of pesetas. After you finish a request, you’re rewarded with Spinels, and eventually, the Merchant has a wide array of items you can trade this currency for, such as treasures, weapons, and other resources. You can then sell them back to the merchant for pesetas, so make sure you complete as many requests as possible.

1. Inlay Gemstones

Inlaying gemstones into certain treasures can yield tens of thousands of pesetas.


As you collect treasures by exploring, defeating enemies, and trading with the Merchant, you’ll likely notice that certain items can be inlaid with gemstones. There’s actually an ideal combination of gemstone colors that adds to the multiplier when selling. For instance, simply having two matching colors only yields 1.2x multiplier, while having five different colors inlaid grants a massive 2x multiplier.

With that in mind, there’s actually a way to earn at least 100,000 pesetas by selling a single treasure, which is tied to an achievement/trophy called Astute Appraiser. At the end of chapter 10, you’ll end up in an area called Depths. Here, you’ll find the Elegant Crown just before you squeeze through a gap in the wall.

Then, you can inlay two yellow diamonds and three red beryls into the Elegant Crown for a huge cash bonus. You’ll find a red beryl after climbing the ladder just beyond the spot where you collected the Elegant Crown. Climb up, follow the path, and continue ahead until you find a small space on the left with a hanging container you can shoot. The red beryl is inside.

There’s a diamond in a chest in one of the hallways during the battle with the Verdugo. Look for a lever needed to turn on the elevator, and you’ll come to a hall with the aforementioned chest containing the yellow diamond. Hopefully, you’re stocked up on the rest of the gemstones needed, so be sure to save them as you progress through the game. Once you have all five, sell them to the Merchant for 106,000 pesetas.

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