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Where to Find Every Yellow Herb in Resident Evil 4 to Get Max Health

Use this guide to maximize your health.

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Yellow Herbs in the Resident Evil 4 remake are almost as scarce as the game’s collectibles. This material is used for healing purposes but more importantly, it can permanently increase your max health, making Yellow Herbs highly sought after. However, the game doesn’t seem to give you many, meaning you’ll likely feel the need to search through every nook and cranny to find them. Thankfully, these materials spawn in fixed locations throughout the game, and here, we’ll show you where to find each of them.

Trade Merchant

Before hunting for Yellow Herbs throughout Resident Evil 4, you should know that you can also acquire them from the Merchant. You’ll need three spinels — which are obtained by completing requests — to trade the Merchant for one Yellow Herb, so keep this in mind.

All 18 Yellow Herb Locations

Chapter 1

The first Hellow Herb is found behind the ladder that leads up to the area where you need to place a cog to open the gate in the Farm. It’s on a barrel, just after the explosive booby trap.

Chapter 2

This Yellow Herb is found in the Valley in a small house.


In the Valley, you’ll find the next Yellow Herb inside the first house on the left. Jump through the window and you’ll see it on a chest.

Chapter 3

The next Yellow Herb is inside a shack to the left of the Hexagon puzzle by the boat used to navigate the lake.

Chapter 4

In the Large Cave Shrine, look for this Yellow Herb just past a bridge. The Yellow Herb is on the ground, next to some sandbags.

Chapter 5

In the Village Chief’s Manor, head to the attic by interacting with the lever in the bedroom. Then, give Ashley a boost to drop down the ladder needed to ascend. The Yellow Herb is on a chest.

Chapter 6

You’ll find this Yellow Herb at the top of a set of wooden stairs outside.


This Yellow Herb is found in the Checkpoint area. Walk up a set of wooden steps and you’ll find the Yellow Herb to the left on a platform.

Chapter 7

Head to the Audience Chamber and you’ll find the next Yellow Herb inside a chest with some candles on top.

Chapter 8

In the Castle Battlements section during the fight with the El Gigante, you’ll come across the next Yellow Herb. To reach it, head to the right, up a ladder that leads to the top of a tower. The Yellow Herb is outside next to a chest.

Chapter 9

You’ll find this Yellow Herb in the starting room of this chapter on a chest by the window.

Chapter 10

Just after you destroy the wall to squeeze through, you’ll find the Yellow Herb in this area.


Within the Depths, you’ll need to destroy a wall and squeeze through to proceed. The Yellow Herb is on a crate in this room.

Chapter 11

Next, you’ll find a Yellow Herb in the Hive area after the minecart section. It’s shortly after you drop down and begin making your way around to reach the surface. The Yellow Herb is found at a junction.

Chapter 12

In the Clocktower after the elevator section, you’ll reach the Merchant once more. The Yellow Herb is found in this room next to the typewriter.

Chapter 13

This Yellow Herb is inside a small cave after the Wharf area.


The next Yellow Herb is found just after the Wharf area. Continue past the laser turrets and you’ll climb a tall ladder, and eventually end up in a cave area after hopping into a building. Make a left and the cave dead ends with the Yellow Herb on the ground.

A second Yellow Herb is found inside the Systems area, just behind the stairs that lead down to this section. The Herb is on a box on the ground.

Chapter 14

In the Amber Storeroom, the Yellow Herb is located on a crate sitting on a shelving unit.

There’s a second Yellow Herb in this chapter, found within the Ruins area. Wait for Krauser to transform, and you’ll find the Yellow Herb within the narrow path in a little nook on the right.

Chapter 15

In the Stronghold section, enter the building with the massive turret and then go out to the other side to find the next Yellow Herb. It’s outside on the ground.

After the Specimen Storage area, climb the steps to enter a room with a white sheet in the center. The next Yellow Herb is found on a container covered by the sheet.

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