PS5 restock update: GameStop, Target, and more inventory before February

This is where you should be looking for a PS5.

Want a PlayStation 5 but can't find one? Many people are still finding themselves in that situation, even over a month after Christmas where interest was at its highest. Like the Xbox Series X, Sony is struggling to keep up with demand, so consoles are selling out almost as soon as they are listed online by both avid fans and opportunistic scalpers.

As we head into February, several retailers are continuing to list new PS5 stock online. These are the websites that you should be keeping an eye on as well as the tools you can use to make finding a PS5 easier.

Use these tools to find your PS5

There are several online tools you can use so you aren't just refreshing the PS5 pages on your preferred storefront constantly. PopFindr, for example, checks the inventory of local stores so you can see if you can get a system in-person near where you live. For online shoppers, OctoShop is a Google Chrome extension that is thorough in checking and notifying you when restocks happen.

Alternatively, you can keep an eye on not just the social media channels of retailers, but accounts like @Wario64, @Spieltimes, and @PS5StockAlerts as well.


Antonline is a lesser-known online retailer, but also a source that the people who help keep track of PS5 stock think is underrated. They have the best scalper protection, so you have a better chance of getting one from them.

The main caveat is that they only sell expensive bundles that come with extra controllers or games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Definitely keep an eye on their PS5 store page in case they restock soon. Antonline last had stock on January 25. Before that, it last had inventory on January 14. If the trend keeps up, we could see one more drop before the end of January or in early February.


GameStop is the main gaming retailer and has seen some wild changes on the stock market recently, but that has nothing to do with PS5 stock. GameStop has listed new PS5s sporadically since the system's launch. The last major restock happened on January 21, and it's possible that another one will happen in late January or early February.

They typically announce restocks beforehand, so keep an eye on their social media pages. Also, monitor and refresh their PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition store pages so you can buy them as soon as they get restocked.


As the biggest retailer in the United States, Walmart has had a lot of PS5 stock. You can only get them online from Walmart now but they do restock frequently, most recently on January 21. Keep an eye on Walmart's PS5 store page and PS5 Digital Edition store page so you can try to get a system as soon as they go live there.


Target is another retailer that has frequently restocked the PS5, and may have had the most in-store units during the system's launch window. Target's last restock was on January 20 and another one could happen soon. Keep track of the PS5 hub page at Target for when the systems go live. You might also want to use PopFindr to see if your local Target has some systems in-store.

Best Buy

Best Buy has restocked all next-gen systems multiple times since they launched in November 2020. Their latest restock was on January 22, so we're waiting for their next major restock. When Best Buy's next major restock rolls around, make sure you are refreshing their PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition pages and using tools like Octoshop to get a PS5 as soon as it's restocked.

PlayStation Direct

One of the more frustrating but reliable ways you can get a PS5 is through PlayStation Direct. If you manage to go to this website at the right time, you can enter in a queue to get the chance to buy a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition console. Your wait might ultimately be for nothing, but it's a relatively simple process once you get through and it's reliable because you are buying straight from Sony.

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