PS5 restocks: Inventory tracker Spiel Times reveals the best way to get one

Get your PS5, the right way.

It's been almost impossible to find a PlayStation 5.

Potential players have been utilizing every trick in the book to circumvent the rampant scalping that has surrounded the next-gen system's launch. This includes using applications like Octoshop and shopping at lesser-known stores. However, perhaps the most surefire way to get a PS5 is by using Twitter-based inventory trackers like Spiel Times.

Spiel Times hosts a daily stream devoted to PlayStation 5 drops, and the folks behind the account shared their tips and insights for tracking down a new Sony console with Inverse.

Is there a method for purchasing a PlayStation 5 that you consider a waste of time?

Yes. Being arrogant and verbally abusing the PS5 tracking community. That's a sheer waste of time. Spreading hate won't get you a PS5. Please stay calm, and follow the community's tips, best practices, and advice.

What's the most underrated way to get a PS5?

Being lucky. We've had instances where someone started watching our stream and obtained a PS5 on the same day. Meanwhile, there are people who've been with us for over a month and yet they still lack a PS5. So, it's timing and luck. If you believe luck favors you often, give it a try.

Darren on Spiel Times' tracking stream with some holiday cheer.

Spiel Times

What's the cheapest way to get a PS5?

It's all hit-or-miss. You can wait for Best Buy or Walmart to announce dates for their PS5 drops as other retailers drop randomly. Or you can just keep an eye out for PS Direct drops, from Tuesday to Friday.

If you're working during the time-frame for PS Direct, just have us followed on Twitter and notifications turned on. When there's a drop, we tweet out with the tag - [DROP]. That's how you know when to get ready for action. If you're mentally exhausted from PS5 hunting, take a break. Spend time with your family, do other stuff, and come back when you feel you're ready for the battle.

If you have money to blow, where would you buy a PS5?

Spiel Times is strictly against buying from scalpers, so I'm not so sure how to answer. Even if you have money, I'd suggest you wait for when the PS5 is readily available.

Of course, some people don't have the time to stay glued to their screen for 24 hours. In that case, use a trusted reselling website, like StockX. Don't fall victim to random Twitter accounts claiming they have the PS5s for sale. Always use PayPal invoices so you can easily get your money refunded if something goes wrong. If you're asked for Zelle or Venmo, please run away.

Why are you tracking the PS5?

The whole Spiel Times team lives in India, where the PlayStation 5 doesn't even have a release date. So, we decided to start helping out people in the United States and Europe, where people are having a brutal time securing one.

Many might argue, "Hey, it's just entertainment." But from speaking with hundreds of people, we realized it is much more than that. Our audience includes parents, significant others, grandparents, and even siblings who are trying to secure a PS5 for their wards. The PS5 serves as a great Christmas present. It's a way to spend the holidays together, closer, for some, while for others it's a way to show their children that 2020 isn't entirely a bad year.

Users often message us after obtaining their console. A few messages have made us tear up.

A message that touched the Spiel Times team.

Spiel Times

Do you own a PS5? Does it live up to the hype?

The PS5 has yet to be released in India. So, no. We do not have the PS5. We have importers here who are selling it for over $1300-$1500, and a lot of YouTubers have, in fact, purchased it in a similar fashion. But we're fine waiting for an official release. We don't want to break our banks.

You can follow the Spiel Times on Twitter for the latest PS5 updates.

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