PS5 restock: Sam's Club, Walmart, and more inventory before Black Friday

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The PlayStation 5 is hard to find for anyone who was not able to secure a pre-order well in advance. As Black Friday approaches, more stock is slowly trickling out from several retailers. As this is on a seemingly rolling basis, it can be quite difficult to keep track of who is restocking, and when they are doing it.

For those who still want to secure a PS5 before the end of the year, you're best chance is to secure one during this Black Friday rush. There are several useful Twitter accounts to follow and extensions to use that offer updates on restocks as they happen. We suggest following them and clicking on the bell icon to receive push notifications whenever these accounts tweet and to set up helpful extensions and websites..

@PS5StockAlerts, @Wario64, and @IGNDeals each offer updates about restocks, so it's definitely worth subscribing to their tweet notifications. You might also consider joining the Stock Informer Discord channel to receive notifications whenever the consoles are restocked. Additionally, you can keep an eye on websites like Brickseek or Google extensions like Octoshop to see when more consoles are getting added.

This wave of new PS5 stock should carry us through Black Friday, thought PlayStation also claims that more will get added throughout the rest of 2020:

This tweet highlights that the PS5 keeps selling out because it's so popular, even if scalpers are getting their hands on some of these available units. Still, the tweet gives some hope that you'll have the chance to at least order a PS5 before the end of the year. In the meantime, here's a rundown of what retailers have planned for the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the United States:

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Walmart has also been a fairly consistent PS5 retailer, and it will have some more systems in stock by the time Black Friday rolls around. We do have a firm date and time for when Walmart will for sure have even more PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition units available ahead of Black Friday.

Walmart's website says that it will also add more consoles to its stock at 9 p.m. Eastern on November 25, 2020 — which is the day before Thanksgiving in America. (Note, the timing of this restock was originally 7 p.m. Eastern, but it has since shifted.) When that date and time roll around, make sure you are refreshing the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition store pages.

In previous waves, Walmart made it fairly easy to add a console to your cart, but when you went through the process of finalizing payment and shipping info, you might get pushed into an error screen and have to restart. This is a risk you'll take when ordering a PS5 from any major retailer.


Even though it's the premier gaming retailer, it's still been hard to come by PS5s at GameStop around like. Obviously, GameStop will get some new PS5 consoles ahead of the holiday rush.

The official GameStop weekly ad for Black Friday confirms that "all stores will have a minimum of two PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles at store opening." If you want to get on in store, make sure you're at your local GameStop when it opens on November 27, 2020.

These will probably sell out quickly and some stores might not even get consoles, so be sure to keep an eye on the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition pages on GameStop's website, along with the collection of other bundles as well. The company may receive other stock updates as well.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club is a membership-based version of Walmart, but that also means that the retailer has had some stock of its own. Unfortunately, restocks Sam's Club aren't as widely advertised as other retailers, so you'll really need to monitor stock notifications if you want to snag a console there.

Still, Sam's Club has restocked PS5 bundles as recently as the night of November 24, so you should keep an eye on them as Black Friday approaches.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment


@PS5StockAlerts claims that "Amazon likes to do surprise drops, so it's hard to say exactly when they'll go live again." But it's true that since PS5's launch, the stock has seemingly been added at random on the website. Amazon managed to list some more stock on November 18, but it was not announced beforehand.

So it's worth checking Amazon's PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition listings frequently. Google extensions like OctoShop make this process a bit easier as they will notify you as soon as new stock is available. If you see that consoles are in stock, try to order them ASAP because these Amazon store pages have a habit of crashing when new PS5s become available.

Still, there's no telling how long Amazon will take to ship the consoles. Amazon warned anyone who pre-ordered a console back in September that they might not be delivered on launch day, so particularly with the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the retailer may take much longer to ship consoles.


BJ's went live with a PS5 bundle the weekend before Black Friday, according to Wario64. While it costs $639.99 instead of the normal $499.99 price, the bundle also comes with two DualSense controllers and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Ultimate Edition. If you were already looking to pick up this Spider-Man game or another controller, it's not a terrible deal.

Unfortunately, the bundle has since gone out of stock and the page for it has been taken down. With Black Friday approaching, it's still worth keeping an eye on BJ's in case they list a new PlayStation 5 bundle, especially if you're already a member.

Sony Direct

One of the most consistent retailers that have added more and more stock at different times is Sony's Direct store page.

New consoles are made available on the website every couple of days, with the most recent being November 19. All you need is the link to the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition store page. After that, you will be put in a queue with a progress bar and an estimate of how much longer you'll have to wait. After that, you might be able to buy a PS5. However, there's a strong chance that the latest batch of consoles will be sold out by the time you exit the queue. Thankfully, Sony has updated the queue to inform you when the units do sold out.

While getting a console this way is one of the safest methods, it requires a lot of waiting and a bit of luck. Some loopholes previously to allow users to skip the queue by hitting the escape button before the browser began the queue, but these have since been seemingly patched out by Sony.

Keep trying your luck on PlayStation Direct and you should get a PS5 eventually.

Best Buy

Best Buy has had issues with its website whenever next-gen console restocks happen, but they will be one of the storefronts to have more PS5s in stock just before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Best Buy had additional PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition stock on Sunday, November 22. Those sales went live around 5 a.m. Eastern and were quickly sold out. An ad for Best Buy notes that additional stock will be available online, but based on the retailer's FAQ, those November 22 units may have been the extent of it.

There's no way to know when more supplies might be added, but be sure to check the PS5 page and/or the PS5 Digital Edition page to see.

Both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are hard to come by.



Kohl's has also listed PS5 bundles, but it's a lot riskier. There was a bundle available on Sunday but the listing has since been taken down.

Like BJ's, Kohl's listed PS5 bundles over the weekend, and a lot of people were able to pre-order through them. Unfortunately, Kohl's has canceled several PS5 orders over the weekend before Thanksgiving week. The retailer could potentially put more bundles up for sale as we approach Black Friday. Just know that if you pre-order there, your order may potentially get canceled.


As of this writing, it doesn't seem like Target will have any further stock during the week of Black Friday. The retailer's weekly ad lists some next-gen games and peripherals — like the DualSense controller — but no consoles. That probably means there won't be any further stock until sometime after.

Regardless, feel free to check the listings for PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 standard.

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