3 exciting clues hint at exactly when PS5 will launch

These leaks and rumors paint a pretty clear picture.

Now that the November 10 release date for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been confirmed, we're left to wonder when Sony will finally reveal the release date for PlayStation 5. While there's no official word beyond a "Holiday 2020" window, three recent leaks and rumors present a more focused launch window for when the PS5 will probably be released.

3. Amazon Japan listed November 20

Leaks from online storefronts are fairly common in the video game industry.

For instance, the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake was leaked shortly before its formal announcement when an Amazon UK listing went live too early. The same thing may have happened with the PS5 via Amazon Japan, which seems to have listed a specific release date for several next-gen products from Sony: November 20.

A September 9 tweet from @Renka_Schedule translated by AltChar reveals that Amazon Japan listed several PS5 accessories which included the following statement: "The planned release date for this product is November 20, 2020." If all of the console's accessories are being released on that day, it would make sense for PS5 to launch on November 20 as well.

This date does fall on a Friday, which is the day of the week that most gaming products are released on, including games and consoles like the PlayStation 4. If this date is true, it would give Xbox Series X a 10-day headstart over the PS5.

2. VGC reports November 13

Meanwhile, Video Games Chronicle is reporting its own release window for PS5.

The site has a reliable track record for rumors, correctly revealing Nintendo's plans for Mario's 35th anniversary several months ahead of its official announcement. According to VGC's sources based on retailers and when Sony is planning the most promotion for the new console, the PS5 might be released on or around November 13, 2020.

Xbox reportedly expects the PS5 to be released on that date as well, and the site's UK retail sources claim that Sony is drastically increasing its marketing in the week leading up to November 13.

If PS5 does launch on November 13, that would put its release just three days after the Xbox Series S and X's launch and on the same day that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be released. And this is a Friday, which tracks with previous Sony console releases.

It's a very plausible date for Sony to release a console on and would put the next-gen consoles in tight competition with each other.

1. A Disney Partnership hints at November 17

As reported by GamesRadar on September 10, a manual for the PS5's Media Remote has emerged and shows that the remote has a dedicated button for Disney+ in addition to Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. But Disney+ won't launch in South America until November 17, however, so unless the button is initially useless, the PS5's release date could be on or around that date.

A Tuesday launch would be a bit unorthodox for Sony, but it's plausible. Across the various media industries, Tuesday is the second most popular day to release a product. And for what it's worth, the Xbox Series S and X are launching a week prior on Tuesday, November 10.

It's also plausible that Sony will release its next-gen consoles later that week, like Amazon Japan's listing mentioned, but before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The fact that the PS5 Media Remote will support Disney+ in South America suggests that the PS5 will be released in the back half of November 2020.

The Inverse Analysis — While nothing has been confirmed by Sony, it seems extremely likely that the PS5 will be released sometime after the Xbox Series X and S. Right now, November 13, November 17, and November 20 seem like the most likely dates, and make a whole lot of sense as the release dates for notable games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Cyberpunk 2077, and Cris Tales are within that weeklong window.

Hopefully, we don't have to wait too much longer before we learn if any of these dates are correct. It does seem certain, however, that the PS5 will launch on a Friday in mid- to late-November — or perhaps a Tuesday in that same timeframe.

PS5 will reportedly be released in November 2020.

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