PS5 design: Fans react to the Sony console's bold new look

It looks like EVE from Pixar's Wall-E.

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Sony has finally taken the wraps off of the PlayStation 5. The company hosted an hour-long reveal event Thursday where it debuted a list of titles that would launch on the next-generation console and the gaming system's final design.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting to see what the PS5 will look like ever since Sony first teased it back in April 2019, but Sony has been extremely secretive about the console that is set to launch during the 2020 holiday season. Microsoft — Sony's biggest console competitor — revealed the next-gen Xbox Series X's final design during the December 2019 Game Awards, but now PlayStation fans finally know what their console of choice will look like.

Surprisingly, Sony is going to launch two different consoles at the end of the year: The PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Both will look identical to each other but the Digital Edition will lack a disc-drive so players will need to purchase digital copies of all of their games.

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Here they are in all of their glory. They look like son and daughter of EVE from Pixar's Wall-E.

The PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed.


Sony took the PS5's design in a completely new direction, gone are the days of simple black boxes. The next-gen console is the flashiest console the company has ever released many fans' initial reactions weren't glowing reviews for this new look.

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Many gamers on Twitter were comparing the PS5 to internet routers and honestly it's tough to deny the resemblance.

Say the future!


Other's were wondering if the console could be placed on its side instead of having to be propped up on a stand, like the Nintendo Wii. Sony only showed off images of the PS5 standing up-right and it's wavy white shell might keep it from being able to rest flat on its side.

Those who were pleased by Sony's ambitious shift in design compared the PS5 to a spaceship, one Twitter user even compared the console to SpaceX's spacesuits.

Gaming, but make it fashion.


The PS5 has finally been unveiled, but Sony held back an exact release date and how much both console variants would cost. Expect to hear more about the company's next-gen plans as the 2020 holiday season approaches.

PlayStation 5 hits stores in late 2020.

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