4 PS5 box art fan designs way better than the real thing

Fans aren't too keen on the new color scheme.

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed what PlayStation 5 box art looks like via the PlayStation Blog on Thursday, showcasing the packaging for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales specificallyand plenty of fans don't like it. Some are even creating fan art with the same colors that look better than the real thing, also urging Sony to rethink the overall design and color scheme.

Sony's new PS5 box art, which was revealed on July 9, is far too similar to the PS4 box art and the design seems to clash with the cover art.

The box is still blue, though the little banner at the top above the game art is now white with a black PS5 logo on it instead of blue with a white logo. It does jive well with the PS5's design: mostly white with black accents and bright blue trim.

The first PS5 box art is here.


The black, blue, and white colors already don't mesh super well when arranged in this way, so the final product looks a bit awkward with the blue and white conflicting the darker blacks and reds of the Miles Morales cover art.

This announcement garnered a more mixed response than most PS5-related reveals, with many fans in the comments of the announcement post and on Twitter recommending alternative colors, especially for the box. The most common recommended adjustments are to make the box itself clear, white, or black instead of the blue it currently uses.

To visualize their concept, some fans have rendered their own designs.

These concept PS5 box arts look better than the real thing


The designs above from @Nibellion take the Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales box art that we already have, even keeping the white banner and black logo, but the key differences are the color of the box's plastic frame. Instead of the bright blue, it's either white or black. The white border keeps the box distinct and looks much better than the blue.

It's even similar to the PS3, which had clear cases.

While those designs directly use the box art that Sony revealed, some people have been testing how these alternative box art designs could look with other titles. Below, you can see some of Inverse's favorites, which features games like Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon Forbidden West with either an all-white or all-black color scheme.

These fan concepts show how a black or white box could benefit other Sony published games.


They've been reposted enough that an original creator has been hard to track down, but plenty of fans are rallying around these alternate designs. For these few first-party titles black, white, or clear cases actually look better than the blue ones that Sony is going with.

The Inverse Analysis — Maybe it's just the colors of the Miles Morales box art don't mesh that well, but I'm not a fan of this new box art design. It appears that don't want to change the kind of cases they used for the PS4, and as a result, have created a color scheme that won't mesh well consistently with different box art. After seeing some of these fantastic fan concept designs.

While it's doubtful that Sony will change there mind, especially as there are plenty of people who say they like the new look, part of me is holding out hope that Sony may reconsider blue boxes before launch. If not, collectors will just have to get used to adding the white PlayStation logo to their shelf.

The PS5 will be released sometime during the 2020 holiday season.

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