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Buy the best hero shooter ever right now before this amazing deal ends

One of the decade's best online shooters is now cheaper than ever before.

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There's no shortage of video game deals and freebies during the summer of 2020. The Epic Game Store gives its members one free title every week, plus Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus subscribers have access to a rotating list of free games every month. As part of an August 2020 summer sale, Blizzard Entertainment is offering the greatest discount we've ever seen on one of the most popular online games of the decade that also happens to be the greatest hero shooter of all time.

Overwatch is up to 67 percent off right now depending on what platform you may be looking to buy it on. Blizzard has slashed prices for its widely popular team-based shooter across all of the game's platforms. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users can pick up Overwatch for anywhere between $15 and $20 over the next few days, but move fast because these deals won't last long. (Sorry Nintendo Switch fans, but this deal wasn't extended to include the hybrid console.)

Here's how much you Overwatch will cost for the duration of these three sales:

  • Xbox One gamers can buy the Overwatch Legendary Edition for $19.79 until August 13.
  • PlayStation 4 users can pick up the Overwatch Legendary Edition for $19.79 until August 19.
  • PC owners can pick up the Overwatch Legendary Edition for $19.99 or the Standard Edition for $14.99 until August 19.

Check out the most recent addition to the 'Overwatch' cast, Echo.

The Legendary Edition gives players immediate access to 10 free hero skins and a bundle of other account cosmetics that they can show off to the game's more than 35 million monthly users.

Overwatch stormed into the competitive first-person shooter scene in 2016 with its original roster of 21 unique characters. The game's cast has since expanded to 32 heroes, 21 different maps, and tons of mini-games that Blizzard consistently rotates in and out to keep the game fresh, allowing players enjoy Overwatch however they want to.

The core game mode can be played by selecting the Quickplay or Competitive options in the game's main menu. Either will drop you into six-versus-six matches where you'll battle another team to complete a series of various objectives, like capturing and holding down a point for enough time or escorting a payload to a checkpoint.

Nowadays, team compositions are required to include two tanks, two damage-dealers, and two support characters, but there are still a stunning array of powerful hero combinations players can choose from. Each character has its own unique set of skills and an Ultimate signature ability that slowly charges as players deal damage, heal their team, or complete map objectives.

'Overwatch' is all about coordinated team play.

Blizzard Entertainment

Timing and combining ultimates is essential to winning matches, which makes the overall experience the perfect climate for a huge esports scene — and even for casual players, balancing cooldowns and combining abilities with allies leads to Overwatch's most satisfying and epic moments.

For example, the cyborg ninja, Genji, unsheathes his Ultimate Dragonblade to deal massive damage to whoever he slashes. This ability becomes almost unstoppably powerful when Genji is powered-up by Ana's ultimate ability, Nano Boost, which is a temporary but incredibly powerful buff she can administer to any of her allies to increase speed and damage. A team might also incorporate Zarya's Graviton Surge to trap a group of enemies in a temporary gravity well.

There are countless other ultimate and ability combos to explore and perfect in Overwatch, and with the wide variety of characters, the overall experience is enough to keep you entertained for thousands of hours. So if you haven't tried the hero shooter yet, now is a time to being your journey towards becoming a Hanzo Main on the low.

Overwatch is available at a discount on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC for a limited time.

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