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One Outriders Trickster build nearly breaks the game

Time is just a concept

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You’re fast, you’re strong, you’re the Trickster.

There are four classes available in Outriders, including the close-ranged Devastator and fiery Pyromancer. Your in-game role changes based on your chosen class. Like with the Devastator, the Trickster is best utilized in close-range settings. You can slow down time around you and give your foe a few hardy jaw smacks.

It’s a great way to fight, but it could be improved significantly if you were using a proper build.

Here’s how you can make a Trickster build that can let you give your foes a smackdown, while slowing time down enough for you to say “muda muda.”

The best Reaver Trickster build in Outriders

Builds are often structured to turn players into specialists, utilizing a singular playstyle to maximize success. That’s great and all, but where does it leave generalists? The YouTuber NorZZa asked this question as well, so they crafted a perfect all-rounder build for the Trickster. It relies on using Assault weapons rather than Shotguns, which are traditionally prefered for Trickster builds.

The best skill tree for a Trickster.

People Can Fly

This build offers a lot of leeway for experimentation and builds heavily on three basic abilities for the Trickster:

  1. Twisted Rounds – This fills your weapon with Anomaly infused bullets that will let you deal more damage.
  2. Venator’s Knife – You throw a knife that ricochets between multiple enemies. They’ll also be slowed.
  3. Borrowed Time – You’ll receive a shield and mark your location. Activate a second time to return to the marked spot.

The crux of this build is constantly using Twisted Rounds and Venator’s Knife, which will significantly boost your damage. You’ll be able to destroy your enemies, even without the damaging Assassin tree that’s common in most builds. Using Borrowed Time, your Trickster will become a pseudo-tank and you’ll be able to perform those classic Trickster plays that require you to get close to your enemies.

Basically, just blind fire with your assault rifle into crowds of enemies then used Borrowed Time to escape.

To succeed with this build, make sure to have the proper gear. It’s recommended that you equip Amber Vault, Anomaly’s Visage, Lower Chronosuit, Gloves of the Edge of Time, and Footwear of the Edge of Time.

The correct mods are also crucial to your success. Try finding Additional Mag, Blue Blood, and Strong Twist. All three mods will enhance your experience with Twisted Rounds. Additional Mag and Strong Twist enhance your damage and duration for Twisted Rounds. Blue Blood will activate a health leech effect, letting you heal with ease during boss fights.

You might also want some durability-enhancing mods for Borrowed Time like Gunshield and Time-Space Protection. Both mods will make you far stronger while Borrowed Time is active.

Make sure your weapon has Perpetuum Mobile equipped. It will restore your firearm’s magazine after killing an enemy while you have a 35 percent or fewer bullets remaining. This lets you keep Twisted Rounds active for as long as possible.

You should be able to find all mentioned gear from either Tiago’s shop after finishing the story or randomly by defeating enemies and collecting loot.

According to this build’s creator, you should be able to best Challenge Tier 15 by your lonesome when using this build.

With all this gear in tow, you can now trick any enemies. They won’t know what hit ‘em.

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