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One Outriders Devastator build nearly breaks the game

Destruction is your ally.

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You’re a punch-trap.

There are four classes available in Outriders, including the close-ranged Trickster and fiery Pyromancer. Your in-game role changes based on your chosen class. As a Devastator, your abilities are best used in close-range settings. You’ve got a deadly right hook and enhanced melee abilities.

With this build, all you essentially need to do is keep your bleeds active on enemies and you’ll be safe. This build will allow to massively damage any enemy using a mix of debuffs, bleeds, and buffs. You’ll make any enemy scream for their uncle.

Here’s how you do it.

The best Seismic Shifter Devastator build in Outriders

This build was created by the Steam user Zanarkand after word spread that the Devastator was “weak.” This single build proves otherwise. You’re going to use this build to tear your foes down with bleed effects, slowly, but surely breaking them.

To make this build happen, make sure that you follow this skill tree:

The best skill tree for a Devastator.

People Can Fly

While following it verbatim would be endlessly helpful to your success, it does also allow some freedoms. All you need to do is make sure that you include these three skills in your selection. Each one is crucial for the build’s success:

  1. Gravity Leap – The first thing you need to do in every encounter is apply a Despair debuff to an enemy using Gravity Leap. This can be further enhanced if you have a Double Jump mod equipped. The two debuffs will stack.
  2. Earthquake – This will apply bleed and deal a massive amount of damage.
  3. Golem – This ability exponentially increases your defensive abilities and Anomaly Power.

By combining this trio of abilities, you’ll form the bedrock for this build’s success.

To further confirm that you’ll be the victor of any combat encounter, you’ll need a few very specific pieces of gear. Obtain the Seismic Commander set consisting of Seismic Commander's Helmet, Seismic Commander's Armor, Seismic Commander's Leg Armor, Seismic Commander's Gloves, and Seismic Commander's Footgear.

When you have three or more pieces of the set equipped, the damage inflicted on enemies with Bleed will increase by 50 percent. That’s a whole lot of hurt.

You’ll want your main weapon to be Roaring Umbra. You can use it to blind fire into crowds upon approaching. If you can combine this with Kinetic Stop and Fortress you’ll be unstoppable. Kinetic Stop will create an impressive seismic damage circle around you with every shot. This will let you tear through foes. Fortress will increase your damage bonus up to 43 percent, scaling with your armor. Paired together, your damage will be absurd.

The Roaring Umbra in the metal.

People Can Fly

You should also have a secondary weapon. It doesn’t quite matter what this weapon is so long as it features either Status Power or Skill Leech. They’ll both provide ample support to your primary build.

You should be able to find all mentioned gear from either Tiago’s shop after finishing the story or randomly by defeating enemies and collecting loot.

According to this build’s creator, you should be able to best Challenge Tier 15 by your lonesome when using this build.

With all this gear in tow, you can now devastate any enemies. They won’t know what hit ‘em.

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