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One Outriders Pyromancer build nearly breaks the game

Put a fire in your soul

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Burn, baby, burn. There are four classes available in Outriders like the support- and range-focused Technomancer or the close-ranged Trickster. Your in-game role changes based on your chosen class. As a Pyromancer in Outriders, your goal is to burn everything. To achieve that, you can’t just light a match and hope for the best; You’ll need to spec out your character in a very specific manner.

To that end, each class features three distinct trees you can access. For Pyromancer, those trees are Tempest, Ash Breaker, and Fire Storm.

Despite the range of abilities and choices available for the Pyromancer, there’s one build that stands above all else. If you have it fully specced-out, Outriders will swiftly become an easy-breezy game.

Here’s how to make the Fire Witch build for the Tempest Pyromancer.

The best Tempest Pyromancer build in Outriders

If you’re playing the Tempest tree, the best build available is one that was crafted by the developers at People Can Fly. It’s called the Fire Witch build. They first shared it on Twitter in the weeks leading up to Outriders’ launch.

The Fire Witch build tree

People Can Fly

You start by selecting Archmage, World Ablaze, Archmage, and Gifted in the bottom Tempest tree. Overlap a smidge to the Fire Storm tree to claim the skills Wildfire, Magna Golem, and Warm-Up. Return to the Tempest tree and claim Mask’s Culmination, Archmage, Gifted, Archmage, With Fire and Anomaly, Master of the Resistance, Archmage, Conflagration, Flames That Burn Twice, World Ablaze, Mask’s Culmination, and Grave Ablaze.

This build uses skills from two separate trees to make a lethal combination. You can chain your abilities together in the order of Overheat > FASER Beam > Eruption > Eruption > Overheat > repeat from start.

This chain lets you give each ability enough time for cooldown while constantly hitting your foes with massive damage. By beginning with the overheat ability, you’ll get a 12 percent Anomaly Power boost while damaging all foes in close range. This also marks them for your allies. Overheat will allow you to keep a burn effect going on each enemy, too.

This build is enhanced by having the proper items. You’re going to want to have a Helmet of the Lava Lich, Upper Robe of the Lava Lich, Lower Robe of the Lava Lich, Charms of the Lava Lich, and Boots of the Reforged on your Pyromancer.

This equipment will further enhance your character, allowing your Burn effects to hit even harder.

As the cherry on top of this perfect build, you’ll want to equip the Inferno Seed. It’s a legendary burst assault rifle that produces an explosion and inflicts Burn upon dealing a Critical Hit. This will further enhance your ability to maintain a Burn effect on enemies and allow you to spread it to other foes without much stress.

You can obtain the weapon as a purchase from Tiago’s shop after completing Outriders’ story.

Once you’ve obtained all the equipment needed for this build you’ll be in business. This build is basically unstoppable. It’s a constant array of flames, which is more than enough to defeat any enemy.

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