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Here’s everything you need to know about Outriders 2

People Can Fly might already be working on a follow-up.

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Outriders has been a massive success for its developers at People Can Fly and publishers at Square Enix. With 3.5 million unique players in the first month since launch and a suggestion from Square that the looter shooter could be “the company’s next major franchise,” it seems inevitable that more content on the world of Enoch will eventually be released.

While much of the specifics about the series’ future remain a mystery, here’s everything we know about Outriders 2 or the prospects of upcoming DLC.

When is the Outriders 2 release date?

Given that Outriders just released in April of 2021, it’s likely we won’t see any progress on Outriders 2 for quite some time. The first game was in development for six years, which means, even if People Can Fly went straight to work on a sequel, it’s possible it might not even release during this console generation.

Outriders has been a huge success that seems promed for a sequel or extensive DLC.

People Can Fly/Square Enix

Sequels generally take less time to develop because much of the underlying technology of the previous game can be reused and iterated on to make the new one. In our estimation, then, the earliest one might see Outriders 2 is around 2025.

Is there an Outriders 2 trailer?

Similar to the release date being a total unknown considering how far away this game is, we have yet to receive anything even remotely resembling a trailer. Expect at least a few years before that happens.

Will there be any DLC before Outriders 2?

People Can Fly has remained adamant that Outriders will not operate as a games as service title, but the developer has been open to potential DLC and expansions if enough players want them. Speaking to GamesRadar in March, PCF Creative Director Bartosz Kmita said “there are multiple options that we can use to support the game to give people content, give people things to do, without using the game as a service monetization. Diablo wasn't a game as a service. They just released the big expansion packs. They were doing it in a different style. Maybe we'll go that way, or even do some other things. But for sure, we will not abandon the game if players like it." Kmita also told Forbes shortly after the game’s launch that “anything we would make would be in the form of significant expansions with self-contained stories.”

Beyond DLC and expansions, Lead Game Designer Piotr Nowakowski even mentioned the possibility of future games as well. In an April interview with Inverse he said, “I hope that the players will convince Square Enix and us to go on with a different title and continue our story on Enoch.” In other words, while a new addition to the Outriders universe hasn’t been officially confirmed, its creators seem bullish about the idea.

What is the Outriders 2 story?

There are still many subplots of Outriders lore left to exploit for a potential sequel.

People Can Fly/Square Enix

Given that both PCF and Square Enix didn’t seem quite certain if Outriders would garner enough goodwill to warrant DLC or sequels, it’s no surprise the original game has a somewhat definitive ending. That being said, there are still avenues to explore if the player base remains hungry to experience them.

The campaign ends with your Outrider saving the day and dropping supply pods down to Enoch. These actions compel another group of settlers to come forward and offer aid in the colonization effort.

A sequel could easily continue the established narrative with these new characters and the ongoing wars with the various factions still lingering on the planet. For example, lore bits in the first game suggest there was another race before the Pax that initially harnessed the power of the Anomaly through obelisks. We don’t yet know who this civilization is, so an encounter with them could be excellent fodder for DLC or a sequel. The Anomaly is an unquestionably powerful force with limitless narrative implications. There may not be many obvious unchecked strands in the story of the first game itself, but there’s still tons of room to expand upon it.

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