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NBA 2K22 VC glitches: 3 best exploits to get to 99 ASAP

The best VC is free VC.

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NBA 2K22 is an excellent NBA basketball simulator, but there’s no ignoring that the latest installment in the long-running series features a pretty stilted grind for the in-game “Virtual Currency” more commonly referred to as VC. As usual members of the NBA 2K community are back with a new round of “glitches” designed to accrue lots of currency in a short period of time. Below, we highlight some of the most-discussed methods being used by players after next-gen update 1.06.

Before getting to the methods, however, we feel it’s best to clarify a few things. For one, these methods aren’t instant pathways to 100,000 VC with minimal effort. Instead, these are generally just shorter-form grinds that require less play\time to accrue a healthy amount of currency. The term “glitch” has been adopted by the community to describe these tactics, but there’s a lot more commitment involved than it appears. If you’re not willing to do lots of rinse and repeat for the extra money, these glitches won’t be worthwhile to you.

It should also be noted that, just like all VC glitches across the NBA 2K series, it’s possible that using these methods in an obvious way could potentially get your account banned. Even though 2K has been less heavy-handed in doling out these kinds of penalties lately, remember that you are taking a risk by using any unsanctioned pathway to getting VC. As such, we are not responsible for disciplinary action that may result from leveraging these glitches. With all our bases finally covered, let’s get to the good stuff.

The Brickley’s Gym Glitch still somewhat works

Shortly after NBA 2K22’s release, players found they could get easy VC by quitting out of the next-gen version of the game right as their first game at Brickley’s Gym was about to end. That’s still technically possible in the latest update to 2K22, but there’s an added wrinkle to the process. In order to actually get your VC and badge progress from the match, you actually have to win the game each time.

Brickley’s Gym is still the site of one of the best current VC glitches in NBA 2K22.

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So, open up your MyCareer, particularly on a new profile that’s worked past all the opening tutorials, and head to Brickley’s Gym, which is marked on your City map. Enter the building, and play your first game by talking to the NPC inside. Right after your badge progress loads at the end of the match, quit out of the game.

Load back in, and immediately fast travel by hitting the right bumper. If the glitch is done right, you’ll see that the game still acts as though you never played that game, but you still get to keep whatever badge progress or VC you earned from the previous win. So, just keep playing your first game, keep winning, and enjoy the profits.

Fast Travel to get back to Brickley’s Gym as quickly as possible.

2K Sports/Visual Concepts

10k court glitch

Another easy VC method that’s making waves in the 2K community over the past few hours involves a glitch on the current-gen courts. More specifically this glitch works best on the 10k VC courts, but it technically functions on any court if you’d like to earn a smaller reward.

This video features a 10k court VC glitch that’s particularly effective if you have lots of friends.

As highlighted in his video by Geminus, the main trick requires a fully empty court and lots of coordination. Have two squads load in and then, right as your player name turns white after all players are present, wait five seconds and have one team of three leave the game together. The leavers won’t lose their 10,000 VC and those who are still left are able to square off against some very easy AI opponents. It’s a lot of work, but, with 10,000 VC potentially only the line for every thrown game, there’s an opportunity to get rich with a little risk.

Blacktop super grind

This last method has existed in NBA 2K games for quite some time, but it should still work on next-gen and current-gen games if you’re really hard up for VC. It gets you about 200 VC fairly quickly, but you’ll have to do it a lot to get a substantial amount of currency.

  • Load the game and go to Features/Options and Create a Roster.
  • Select NBA for the roster type and Official 2K Sports roster.
  • Find an already good player and edit the roster to max out their three-point stats and finishing to make them an absolute beast on the court.
  • Save the roster and then name it.
  • Scroll over to Blacktop mode and start up a 1-on-1 game.
  • Start the game with a user-created roster, and select the name of the file you just made.
  • In the game conditions, set the match to five points.
  • Make a lopsided matchup between your good edited player and a bad one.
  • After the game is over, quit the NBA 2K22 app entirely and then rinse and repeat with the same settings. Not closing the app will mean you get less VC per game.

While it’s possible all three of these VC glitch methods might get patched by 2K over time, these are three fast ways to earn currency on the next-gen or current-gen versions of NBA 2K22 as of September 29, 2021.

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