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Warzone Gulag glitch is the worst bug in Call of Duty history

Call of Duty: Warzone has a major cheating problem on its hands.

Despite Call of Duty: Warzone’s success, the battle royale has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past year. Balancing issues aside, the game is notorious for being home to cheaters who take advantage of third-party software, or those who abuse in-game exploits/bugs to gain an unfair advantage.

A new glitch allows players to parachute into an enemy’s Gulag match while they wait for their Gulag round. The worst part is that — if done correctly — the player will remain invincible while infiltrating the matchup, meaning they can eliminate a player by punching them to death before they can even leave their spawn.

This, as you can imagine, is ruining the game for many players since there isn’t much you can do to stop it from happening. Warzone is hard enough as is. Now, it’s even less appealing to even consider playing when something like this could happen.

In fact, we’d argue it’s the most egregious glitch in the history of Warzone.

We won’t disclose how to execute the glitch here — instead, we want Activision and Raven to be aware of its existence.


A YouTuber by the name of NTrippy popularized the glitch but didn’t show how to actually perform it, and we won’t be disclosing that information, either. Though, the YouTuber has mentioned they will share how to execute the glitch in a later video. Instead, we’ll go over why this is such a big deal, even in a game that is infamous for its long history of cheaters.

Any given match on Verdansk — the main map of Warzone — is difficult. The odds are not stacked in your favor right from the get-go, so even highly skilled players will still have to make an effort to come out on top. Cheaters have run rampant, as they use software to see through walls or instantly lock onto their opponents’ heads. Raven and Activision have permanently banned more than 500,000 players for cheating, but the problem is still felt often enough when making a new account is free and simple to do.

The thing is, players who use these means to come out on top have to go out of their way — and in many cases, spend money — to gain access to software that lets them cheat. While this hasn’t stopped thousands of players from doing this, there are many more out there who do not cheat.

But a glitch like this Gulag bug seems like something that anyone can do without the need for extra software. While waiting for your turn in the Gulag, you can get out of bounds to penetrate the wall that separates you from the players down below.

Then, as shown in NTrippy’s video, you can parachute into the match. You’re invincible without weapons while you’re doing this, meaning you can easily take the enemy player out using your firsts. You’re also able to run up to an enemy player before their countdown timer reaches zero, which allows you to get right in their face for an easy elimination. Unfair, but easy.

Performing the glitch leaves you invincible through the duration of it.


The interesting thing about this glitch is that it’s locked to a timer. Before you get paired with another player in the Gulag, a timer counts down, giving you an indication as to when your match will begin. So, if you’re performing the glitch, you’ll be automatically taken out of it once your Gulag fight begins.

When a portion of your team is eliminated and sent to the Gulag, it puts the surviving players at a severe disadvantage for obvious reasons. But now, players who are taken out by others using this glitch in the Gulag have no means to defend themselves. This, in turn, forces the rest of the surviving team members to have to buy the rest of their squad back, which decreases the odds of them outlasting the competition, especially during later portions of the match.

Trying to gather cash to bring back dead teammates can leave you exposed — as does heading to a Buy Station that could be in the line of sight of an enemy team. It’s already hard enough to get brought back from the dead, without a terrible glitch like this one.

This is on top of the major cheater problem that has plagued Warzone since its launch. Having said all that, we highly suggest playing on Rebirth Island for the time being until this glitch is fixed because it’s making Verdansk way worse than it already is. Warzone has received tremendous improvements over the past few months, but sadly, the cheater problem still remains an issue.

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