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Metroid Dread Shinespark controls and Burenia speed booster, explained

The most complex ability is also one of the most vital.

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Earning the coveted 100 percent completion status in Metroid Dread is a challenging task. Not only does this require you to clear the main game and defeat all bosses, but it also forces you to master all of the techniques available so you can acquire those hard-to-reach items. The hardest one to master is the Speed Booster ability, which grants a speed boost if you can execute an intricate series of button combinations. Throughout the map, there are Speed Booster Blocks you need to smash through to find specific items, and arguably the trickiest one to navigate is found in Burenia. Here’s how it works.

How to use the Metroid Dread Speed Booster

Samus performing a speed boost maneuver in Metroid Dread.


Before getting into the specific Speed Booster puzzle on Burenia, let’s first touch on how the ability actually works. In its most basic format, you activate the Speed Boost ability by clicking down the left analog stick as you run. You have to have enough space to perform the move, but you’ll know you’ve done it right when Samus flashes blue and white. This move allows you to bash through the orange Speed Booster blocks (which have an arrow on them).

Keep in mind, you’ll lose your Speed Boost momentum if you run into a wall, if you drop off a ledge, if you shoot, or get hit by an enemy. However, you can keep your momentum if you wall jump, which is done by simply jumping towards a wall (no need to hold the left stick away from the wall you’re jumping towards). You can also chain your Morph Ball ability into the Speed Boost technique to reach narrow areas. It’s tricky to do, but if you quickly turn into a Morph Ball while in the middle of using Speed Boost, you’ll keep your momentum (sliding helps).


Shine bright like a diamond!


It gets even more complicated. You can follow up the Speed Boost with a move called Shinespark, which gives you the ability to dash through Speed Booster blocks in midair. It also preserves the momentum of the Speed Boost while maneuvering over surfaces that would otherwise negate the ability.

To activate Shinespark, you must first tilt the left stick down while Speed Booster is active. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if Samus turns purple (see above). From here, you have five seconds to initiate the Shinespark ability, which is done by pressing the B button, quickly followed by tilting the left stick in the direction you’d like to go. Make sure you tilt the stick after pressing B or it won’t work.

You can also activate Shinespark in midair, which is the toughest technique, but highly effective. Follow the steps above to get Samus to turn purple, indicating you have Shinespark stored. At this point, move in the direction you’d like to go, then press the B button to jump. While in midair, shoot by pressing Y (this cancels the animation of Samus spinning), and then stop tilting the left stick. Press the B button to activate Shinespark without touching the ground.

Not only can you use Shinespark to destroy Speed Booster blocks, but it also deals significant damage to enemies, so don’t forget about using the move during a battle!

How to complete the Metroid Dread Burenia Speed Booster puzzle

Now that you’re familiar with using Speed Boost and Shinespark, you can implement the technique to collect the Missle+Tank from Burenia. The puzzle is found on the lower portion of this area in the middle.

As shown in the video above (courtesy of YouTuber AssassiNason95), you want to start on the right of the door (which is found several floors above the Missile+Tank item you’re aiming for). Run left towards the door, shoot it, and click down on the left stick to trigger your Speed Boost ability. If done correctly, you’ll initiate the Speed Boost just at the end of the platform. As soon as you trigger the Speed Boost, tilt the left stick down to store the Shinespark ability.

From here, head down through the door below, then to the right, and drop all the way down. Shoot through the blocks below and you’ll come across ground that slants to the left and upward. While in midair, activate your Shinespark using the strategy outlined above (make sure you aim towards the slanted surface). If done correctly, you’ll shoot towards the slanted ground, which will propel you into the next room. Because you Shinesparked off a slanted surface, it’ll allow you to use the move again, so tilt the left stick down again to essentially reset the timer. This neat little trick can give you infinite Shinespark uses, so long as there are slanted surfaces.

Slide left, then, fall down next to the Spider Magnet wall and Shinespark in midair to the right, once again hitting the slanted surface so you can reset the ability another time (just remember to tilt down on the left stick to activate it). Finally, land below, and use Shinespark to blast through the Speed Booster blocks to reach the Missile+Tank on the right. Phew!

You can use the same basic strategy to reach the other items locked behind Speed Booster blocks.

Metroid Dread is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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