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6 essential Ms. Marvel abilities to unlock ASAP in Marvel’s Avengers


Ms. Marvel is the flagship hero in Marvel's Avengers. During the story campaign, players will spend the most time as her compared to others like Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow. And because the power to morph and Embiggen one's body is a peculiar one you might not be familiar with, it may be hard to decide which of Kamala Khan's abilities are worth spending skill points on as you level up.

Kamala may have 31 abilities to choose from but here are the six best that you should focus on ASAP.

Ms. Marvel is a well-balanced and malleable character. She can function as your team's frontline heavy-hitter, ranged attacker, or even the healer. Her Healing Spirit move restores Willpower (the Marvel's Avengers equivalent of HP). With the following skills, Ms. Marvel will have a solid set of healing abilities at her disposal, which is good for multiplayer, but we've also included some of her more crucial offensive abilities to help you take down AIM alongside the rest of the Avengers.

6. Whirling Whollop

Whirling Whollop is one of the first skills most players will see and unlock as Ms. Marvel, and it's a decent attack that fleshes out her attacking moveset in a helpful way. "Hold Square to leap upwards while unleashing a flurry of uppercut swings that launches enemies into the air," its description reads in-game. Particularly when dealing with crowds, this can be a great way to juggle enemies into the air and free up some of the combat zone to target other baddies.

You can't go wrong with any of Kamala's primary attack upgrades, but some of her other abilities are more situational, requiring Ms. Marvel to be in the air or to dodge before she can use them. This ability is useful in every combat situation and just adds to her set of abilities in a very helpful way.

5. Whirlwind

If you're looking for a great area-of-effect (AOE) attack for Ms. Marvel, look no further than Whirlwind: "While Polymorph is active, hold down Square to spin around and hit all nearby enemies," the ability's description reads. "This skill can also be used while Embiggened. Drains intrinsic energy when used."

While it does require Intrinsic Energy, which draws from the same bar used to activate Embiggen (her ultimate ability) on the center of the screen, having a useful AOE attack like this in your arsenal is important for any hero in Marvel's Avengers.

4. Team Spirit

Now we're getting into the great healing abilities. Under the Specialty tab, players can enhance their Healing Spirit ability with a variety of other skills. If Team Spirit is equipped, "activating Healing Spirit will automatically revive downed teammates addition to restoring their willpower."

Obviously, the ability to revive heroes instantly is an extraordinarily important skill to have when playing with others, and this might just be one of Ms. Marvel's best abilities for that reason alone. In online multiplayer especially, stacking abilities like this will make Ms. Marvel an important part of any squad.

3. Life Spark

Life Spark is a variation on Team Spirit, as it "can be activated while downed, bypassing the need to be revived by a teammate." This is the more helpful healing skill for those that plan on playing Marvel's Avengers by themselves. Considering you can't equip Life Spark and Team Spirit at the same time, you'll have to chose which of the two healing skills is most important to you.

Team Spirit is better in online play with friends, but if you're playing the story campaign or are playing with strangers, then Life Spark is probably the better option.

2. Boundless Inspiration

This is the last great healing ability we recommend.

Boundless Inspiration ensures that "Teammate Willpower is fully restored when activating Healing Spirit." That's a relatively simple boost, but being able to fully restore the health of your team instead of partially doing it makes Healing Spirit all the more useful.

1. Fists of Fury

Fists of Fury is by far one of her best unlockable abilities as it enhances her ultimate ability Embiggened in a very important way: "Defeating enemies while Embiggened extends the duration of the ability by 1 second," its description reveals.

If players Embiggen with this ability equipped when several enemies are low on health, they could increase the length of Embiggened by several seconds. This makes Ms. Marvel even more of a powerhouse. If you want to use an attack-focused Ms. Marvel in Marvel's Avengers, this skill is a must.

Marvel's Avengers will be released on September 4, 2020.

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