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Surprise Your Opponents With This Overwhelming Marvel Snap Mystique Deck

Duplicate an Ongoing effect.

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In Marvel Snap, there’s no shortage of effective strategies and cards that can catch your opponent off guard, one of which is Mystique. This is a technical card that can be used alongside others for explosive (and surprising) wins. Mystique works well alongside so many cards, but if you deliberately build a deck around her, you’ll be able to secure more wins. But what are the best cards to pair with Mystique? Here’s the best Mystique deck in Marvel Snap, whether you’re playing standard mode, or Battle Mode.

Marvel Snap Mystique Deck Card List

Our favorite Mystique deck is geared toward Mister Negative, which On Reveal, swaps the Power and Cost of all cards in your deck. This allows you to fire off a slew of cards for low Cost while utilizing Mystique to duplicate Ongoing effects.

On Reveal: If the last card you played has an Ongoing ability, this card gains it.


While there are several different effective Mystique decks, the following cards are the ones we recommend when utilizing the Mister Negative strategy:

  • Angela: 2 Energy, 0 Power
  • Psylocke: 2 Energy, 1 Power
  • Mojo: 2 Energy, 2 Power
  • Ironheart: 3 Energy, 0 Power
  • Mystique: 3 Energy, 0 Power
  • Bishop: 3 Energy, 1 Power
  • Rogue: 3 Energy, 1 Power
  • Mister Negative: 4 Energy, -1 Power
  • Iron Man: 5 Energy, 0 Power
  • Blue Marvel: 5 Energy, 3 Power
  • Magik: 5 Energy, 3 Power
  • Sera: 5 Energy, 4 Power

It’s worth noting this deck does have Pool 3 cards, so your mileage may vary depending on the cards you’ve unlocked. If you don’t have the required cards to make Mister Negative, can swap over to a Devil Dinosaur strategy, using Moon Girl and Mystique to duplicate a powerful play on turn 5.

How to Use the Marvel Snap Mystique Deck

Mister Negative is an essential component of this deck.


So how exactly does this Mister Negative deck work with Mystique?

The idea here is to use 0-Power cards, which will then be converted to 0-Cost, allowing you to play more cards in one turn.

In terms of Mystique, you’ll want to play this card after using Iron Man (Ongoing: Your total Power is doubled at this location) or Blue Marvel (Ongoing: Your other cards have +1 Power), effectively doubling their abilities.

Remember, if you use Mister Negative, you’ll be able to play Mystique, Blue Marvel, and/or Iron Man for 0-Cost. Likewise, Rogue (On Reveal: Steal an Ongoing ability from a random enemy card at this location) works great with Mystique, too, and remember — Rogue will only Cost 1 Energy to play if you use Mister Negative.

Remember, most of the cards in this deck will have more Power than before, thanks to Mister Negative’s inversion ability.

You can also use Magik (You can’t play this on turn 6. On Reveal: Change this location to ‘Limbo’) to get one extra turn out of the match, allowing you to pull off more combos. Sera (Ongoing: Cards in your hand cost 1 less) is also a great choice to help maximize your Energy.

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