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How to Duel Your Friends in the Marvel Snap Battle Mode

Without the risk of hurting your rank.

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At long last, Battle Mode is now available in Marvel Snap. Developer Second Dinner confirmed the update would launch by the end of January, and they’ve delivered with hours to spare. Battle Mode allows you to join specific players, rather than the randomized matchmaking in the game’s default mode. But how exactly does Battle Mode work and how can you pair up with friends? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Play With Friends

First, you need to download the free update that went live on January 31, 2023. On mobile devices, you may need to visit the game’s app page via the App Store or Google Play Store to initiate the update. On Steam, you’ll simply select the “Update” option from the game’s page to download the patch.

Once you do, boot into Marvel Snap and you’ll see a new Game Modes menu to the right of the Main screen.

Battle Mode is available in Marvel Snap and can be accessed via the Game Modes menu.


Here, you’ll see Friendly Battle (Battle Mode) as the only option, so select it and you’ll have two options: Create or Join.

Create a Match

If you Create, you’ll be given a random Match Code that consists of five digits. Copy this code or write it down and give it to the opponent you’d like to play with.

Create a match to acquire a Match Code, which you’ll give to a friend to join you.


Join a Match

Joining is just as simple. Take the code given to you by the host, select Join, and then apply the Match Code to the Enter Code Here text box. Doing so will allow you to link up with a friend to play a friendly Battle Mode match.

Apply a Match Code to join a specific friend’s match.


Keep in mind, you can’t earn rewards when playing Battle Mode, as it’s more so meant to be a casual experience. But you can test strategies and show your friends just how powerful your decks are without worrying about losing your precious ranking. It can also serve as a way for veteran players to teach newcomers.

That isn’t the only difference, though. Battle Mode works on a health-based system, consisting of multiple matches. Much like the default mode, you can wager by Snapping, which ties to the amount of damage you deal. Each player starts with 10 health and if you win a match, you’ll deal two damage. If you snap and win, you’ll deal four damage.

Battle Mode is available in Marvel Snap now.

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