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Lost Judgment Hunt for the Truth: How to find all 3 UFOs in the Side Case

The truth is out there.

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Lost Judgment features a dizzying array of Side Cases split between Yokohama and Kamurocho, and most of them have quite a few steps to complete. Hunt for the Truth might be one of the first cases you find, especially if you’ve taken advantage of the new Buzz Researcher feature. But some of its triggers may be a bit confusing. If you’re struggling to figure this one out, we’re here to answer all your questions as they come up. Need to know where and how to take pictures of UFOs in Lost Judgment? Then you’ve come to the right place.

How to start the Lost Judgment Hunt for the Truth Side Case

To start the Hunt for the Truth Side Case, walk around the front of Seiryo High and you’ll come across a group of students chatting about UFOs in text format. Stand there until the dialogue fully finishes, and the keyword “UFO” will be added to the Buzz Researcher app on your phone. Search for “UFO” in the app, and you’ll see a post that says the unidentified craft can only be spotted at night.

With that intel in mind, you’ll have to wait until night to fully unlock Lost Judgment’s Hunt for the Truth Side Case. Just keep plowing through the Main Quest until a moment when Yagami is set free under the cover of darkness.

Once he is free, you’ll see a spot marked on your map called the SRC’s Hunt for the Truth. It’s south of Kinka Bridge and near the Survive bar. This is where the case starts.

Once you get the “UFO” keyword, the actual Hunt for the Truth Side Case starts here.


How to find UFOs in Lost Judgment

Once you arrive at the spot, listen for a drone-like sound and look towards the sky, as NPCs will also be distracted by the flying object. You’ll see it floating in a pattern. Go into your basic Observation mode and examine it to move along with the case.

To find another UFO, open up Buzz Researcher and search for the “UFO” keyword again. This will take you to a spot between E Central St. and Central St. It’s at this location you’ll meet Yabuki. He’ll tell you to go to the Wette Kitchen, which is easily marked on your map as a restaurant. Go inside, and you’ll see him sitting in the back of the second floor of the establishment.

Head here, and you’ll encounter Yabuki, a passionate UFO researcher.


He’ll tell you that he believes his father was abducted by a UFO, causing the two family members to be separated. He asks Yagami to help him by taking a clear picture of a UFO when he sees one. Remember, these UFOs can only be seen at night, so you won’t encounter any if you stop at this point in the quest and the game transitions to daytime.

As you’ve been doing, open up Buzz Researcher once again, and the chatter will take you to his spot in Fukutoku Park. Make sure you’re standing directly in the middle of the park, and you should be able to enter Observation mode to examine the craft flying overhead. If Observation mode isn’t properly triggering, it’s because you’re just outside the border of the park.

Open Buzz Researcher, and chatter about UFOs will direct you to Fukutoku Park.


Once the UFO has been examined, you’ll enter Photo Mission mode, which means you need to take a picture of the UFO that’s in focus, stationary, and at maximum zoom to get the maximum XP for your efforts. It should be noted, however, that all you need is an in-focus picture of the UFO to pass the “good” requirement to move on with the mission.

This is what a supposedly perfect UFO picture looks like.


Once the picture has been taken, open up Buzz Researcher once more and search for “UFO.” This time you’ll be going back to Seiryo High.

Are UFOs really hidden under Seiryo High School?


Out in the courtyard, you’ll see a group of students standing around by the marked location on your map. Talk to them, and they’ll take you up to the roof to take one last picture. First, enter Observation mode to examine the UFO, and you’ll be brought to the Photo Mission interface just like before. Take a photo that passes good or perfect standards to continue.

The Side Case ends with a chase sequence.


The next phase is a chase sequence, so follow along the path and press the button and control stick commands that appear onscreen. This particular chase isn’t reliant on health items, so just keep an eye on the inputs till the UFO’s health reaches zero. Once you grab it, the mission ends. That’s all you need to know to complete the Hunt for the Truth Side Case in Lost Judgment.

Lost Judgement is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One.

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