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How to equip face paints in Horizon Forbidden West and find more patterns

Aloy has style.

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Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel that gives players an even bigger, more beautiful world to explore. As you might expect with an open world game there’s a veritable boatload of things to see and collect in Horizon Forbidden West, and that includes cosmetics. Just like with Horizon Zero Dawn, you can deck Aloy out in a variety of face paint, on top of equipping different outfits. While the face paint is purely cosmetic, Horizon Forbidden West still doesn’t do a great job of explaining just how to use them. Here’s everything you need to know about face paint in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to use face paint in Horizon Forbidden West

Scalding Spear is the main settlement of the third major area you explore in Horizon Forbidden West.


As you play through Horizon Forbidden West you’ll start seeing face paint pop up as a reward for completing various missions, but you might not be able to use them yet. That’s because you’ll need to progress through the game until you reach the settlement of Scalding Spear, which is the third main area you’ll explore. If you’re just following the main story you’ll likely hit the settlement pretty quickly, but if you’re mopping up all side activities it might take a while.

Once you reach Scalding Spear look on your map for an icon that looks like a pickaxe(technically it’s a tattoo needle), and is labeled “Painter.” Head to the icon and you’ll be able to talk to Zokkah, who’ll allow you to spend 10 Shards to equip any face paint you’ve unlocked, or you can pay 1 Shard to remove any face paint you currently have on. You’ll also be able to find Painters in two later settlements, The Bulwark and Thornmarsh, and all three function exactly the same.

It should also be noted that you can equip any face paint in the game’s photo mode for some quick pictures, but the equipped paint will be gone when leaving photo mode.

How to get more face paint in Horizon Forbidden West

You’ll gain a good amount of face paints simply by playing the main story.


Outside of the face paints immediately available, all other face paints in Horizon Forbidden West are gained by completing various main and side missions. There’s one major exception with the Mark of War paint, a God of War easter egg that’s unlocked by finding three War Totems scattered around the world. Here’s a full list of face paints along with which quest they serve as a reward for, when applicable.

Nora Tribe

  • Nora Warrior
  • Nora Scout
  • Nora Seeker
  • Nora Death-Seeker

Carja Tribe

  • Carja Watcher
  • Carja Champion
  • Carja Noble
  • Carja Hawk
  • Carja Blazon - Complete The Embassy main quest.
  • Carja Trader
  • Carja Shadow - Complete The Burning Blooms side quest.
  • Carja Scholar - Complete The Twilight Path side quest.

Banuk Tribe

  • Banuk Aspirant
  • Banuk Shaman
  • Banuk Survivor

Utaru Tribe

  • Utaru Whisperer - Complete The Dying Lands main quest.
  • Utaru Protector - Complete The Promontory side quest.
  • Utaru Birthsinger - Complete The Second Verse side quest.
  • Utaru Harvester - Complete The Oldgrowth errand.
  • Utaru Thresher
  • Utaru Ritesinger

Oseram Tribe

  • Oseram Artificer - Complete Deep Trouble side quest.
  • Oseram Striker - Complete Lofty Ambitions side quest.
  • Oseram Wayfarer - Complete Broken Locks errand.
  • Oseram Explorer

Tenakth Tribe

  • Tenakth Reaver - Complete The Wings of the Ten main quest.
  • Tenakth Recon - Complete Blood for Blood side quest.
  • Tenakth Vindicator - Complete A Tribe Apart side quest.
  • Tenakth Vanquisher - Complete Thirst for the Hunt side quest.
  • Tenakth Skirmisher - Complete Burden of Command errand.
  • Tenakth Conqueror - Complete The Broken Sky main quest.
  • Tenakth Tactician - Complete A Soldier’s March side quest
  • Tenakth Marauder - Complete Call and Response errand.
  • Tenakth Sky Climber - Complete A Hunt to Remember errand.

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