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How to Get All 18 Legendary Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West and Burning Shores

Your enemies won’t stand a chance.

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Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores with a Specter Gauntlet
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The image of PlayStation heroine Aloy drawing a boy is now iconic, but that’s not the only tool she’s got for taking on danger in Horizon Forbidden West. With numerous special weapons that can be used with different ammo types, perks, coils, and more, you’ve got plenty of ways to dish out heavy damage to raiders and machines alike. Across this lengthy adventure, you’ll eventually come across a handful of particularly special Legendary weapons, easily denoted by the orange label on them.

There are nine Legendary weapons to acquire in Horizon Forbidden West, and while some of them may be a pain to unlock, we’re here to help with this guide. After you’re finished with the main game, there’s an additional nine Legendary Weapons to find in the PS5-exclusive DLC, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. We’ve got everything you need for those too.

18. The Sun Scourge

Hunter Bow

To earn this Hunter Bow, you’ll need to complete all Rebel Camps in the game. There are six Rebel Camps around the map and after clearing the final one, you’ll earn The Sun Scourge. This weapon will drop from the boss at the final camp.

17. Death-Seeker’s Shadow

Use one of the game’s many bows to take out enemies from afar.


Hunter Bow

You unlock this weapon by purchasing it from The Maw of the Arena for 80 Arena Medals. To earn medals, you’ll need to complete Hunting Grounds trials littered throughout the map. There are other weapons to buy with medals so make sure you complete Hunting Grounds objectives when you can. The better rating you get on a trial, the more medals you’ll earn.

16. Forgefall

Sharpshot Bow

Speaking of which, the Forgefall is also unlocked by purchasing it from The Maw of the Arena. This one will set you back 80 Arena Medals, as well, but is well worth it thanks to its powerful Plasma damage.

15. The Blast Forge

Aloy using a bow in Horizon Forbidden West.



The final Legendary weapon you can buy from The Maw Arena is the Blast Forge. It also costs 80 Arena Medals, so be sure to complete Hunting Grounds trials when you can.

14. Carja’s Bane

Warrior Bow

You’ll earn this Warrior Bow after completing all four Gauntlet Run races. The four are Dry Yearn, Cliffs of the Cry, Bonewhite Tear, and The Stillsands. After you’ve finished The Stillands, the Carja’s Bane will spawn in a chest right in front of you.

13. Wings of the Ten


To earn the Wings of the Ten Blastsling, you have to collect all 12 Black Boxes around the map. We recommend waiting to collect them after you’ve unlocked the Sunwing mount, since flying around is much faster than climbing. Once you’ve found them all, visit the Black Box Collector named Untalla in Memorial Grove and trade all 12 of them for the Wings of the Ten.

12. The Skykiller

Horizon Forbidden West is full of deadly creatures that can take you down with ease.


Spike Thrower

You unlock The Skykiller by completing The Way Home side quest. This level 32 quest is found in Legacy’s Landfall and requires you to have the flying mount. It’s a lengthy quest, but once you return the gyrocompass parts to the quest givers, you’ll complete the mission and earn The Skykiller.

11. Ancestor’s Return

Shredder Gauntlet

The Ancestor’s Return is unlockable by completing the nine Relic Ruins and returning them to Stemmur in Hidden Ember. You’ll need to complete the Nights of Lights Errand to find the ninth one and once you do, the Ancestor’s Return will appear in a supply chest by Stemmur.

10. Tinker’s Pride


To earn the Tinker’s Pride Tripcaster, you have to complete all Hunting Grounds trials with Full Stripes, which is no easy feat. You’ll probably already have plenty of progress towards this if you’ve been working on unlocking weapons from The Maw of the Arena. “Full Stripes” is the equivalent of a gold medal, indicating you completed the trial within a certain amount of time.

9. Distant Thunder

Shredder Gauntlet

The Fleet’s End Hunter has this special weapon for sale if you’ve got the money. It’s expensive, costing 3000 Metal Shards and eight Brimshine. Fittingly enough, they can be found at Fleet’s End, a Quen Settlement central to the story of Burning Shores.

8. Eternal Vengeance


Head to the Fleet’s End Hunter and cough up 3000 Metal Shards along with eight Brimshine in order to acquire this weapon.

7. Eye of the Storm

Warrior Bow

This legendary Warrior Bow, like many other Legendary weapons in this DLC, is acquired by going to the Fleet’s End Hunter. You’ll have to pay 3000 Metal Shards and eight Brimshine.

6. Gravesinger’s Lament

Sharpshot Bow

Head to the Fleet’s End Hunter and cough up 3000 Metal Shards along with eight Brimshine in order to receive this Sharpshot Bow.

5. Last Argument

Spike Thrower

A unique Spike Thrower, you’ll receive Last Argument as a reward for completing the side quest called “A Friend in the Dark.” This is the culmination of a series of side activities involving the returning character Gildun, who will gift the weapon to Aloy once you’ve helped him out.

4. The Emperor’s Reign

Hunter Bow

A powerful Hunter Bow, The Emperor’s Reign is purchased from the Fleet’s End Hunter at the price of 3000 Metal Shards and eight Brimshine.

3. The Tie that Binds


This special Ropecaster can also purchased from the Fleet’s End Hunter. It’ll also cost 3000 Metal Shards and eight Brimshine.

2. Skyhammer


The Skyhammer Blastsling can be found early on during The Burning Shores in the quest “Heaven and Earth.” In the dilapidated room right before the Control Room, look carefully and you’ll see a Supply Cache. The Skyhammer is found in said cache.

1. Specter Gauntlet

PlayStation Studios

Specter Gauntlet

This unique weapon is impossible to miss. You’ll find it as part of the main story when you’re going through the quest called “The Stars in Their Eyes.” When Aloy goes to examine a dead Zenith soldier, she’ll pick up this marvelous new weapon that fires tracking blasts. Complete the side quest “In His Wake” and you’ll even be able to upgrade it with a railgun option.

Pre-order only: Blacktide Sharpshot Bow

Sharpshot Bow

This bow is a special tenth bonus Legendary Weapon. We’re not counting it as one of the regular unlockable pieces of equipment because it’s not available for everyone. Anyone that preordered Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores can purchase this bow from the Fleet’s End Hunter for a single Metal Shard.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available on PS5 and PS4. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is available exclusively on PS5.

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