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Honkai: Star Rail Yukong Build Makes the Imaginary Support a Powerful Reality

The need for speed.

Yukong official art Honkai: Star Rail

As one of only three currently available Imaginary characters in Honkai: Star Rail, Yukong is a precious asset to any party. She is a great support character, especially when you build her properly with the right Light Cone and Relics.

As of Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2, any player can get Yukong by clearing Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou Stage 1, so there is no reason now to add Yukon to your arsenal. Once you have her, you will want to maximize her potential with our build guide.

How To Build Yukong in Honkai: Star Rail

Yukong is first and foremost a supporting character, as you would expect from a character in the Harmony path. Her skills are made to boost the Attack and Crit of her teammates, so you will want to choose Light Cones and Relics that increase these stats. While you may be tempted to build Yukong in a way that increases her base stats, this doesn’t really work for the character.

Instead, an optimal build will focus on increasing Yukong’s Speed stat. This will make it so that she can deal out her buffs more often, which will be more effective in the long run than trying to incrementally boost the stats of those buffs.

Best Light Cones for Yukong

As a four-star character, Yukong doesn’t have a Signature Light Cone so you won’t need to worry about pulling for her optimal Light Cone. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good five-star Light Cone available. If you happen to have Bronya’s Signature Light Cone, “The Battle Isn’t Over”, this will also serve as a great choice for Yukong. However, there are plenty of four-star Light Cones that work just as well.

5-Star Light Cones

  • The Battle Isn’t Over — Increases the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 16 percent and regenerates 1 Skill Point when the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally. This effect can be triggered after every 2 uses of the wearer’s Ultimate. When the wearer uses their Skill, the next ally taking action deals 60 percent more DMG for 1 turn.

Bronya’s Signature Light Cone is one of the best options for Yukong.


4-Star Light Cones

  • Dance! Dance! Dance! — When the wearer uses their Ultimate, all allies’ actions are Advanced Forward by 24 percent.
  • Past and Future — When the wearer uses their Skill, then the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 32 percent increased DMG for 1 turn.
  • Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds — One of the following effects is applied randomly at the start of combat and whenever the wearer takes action: Increase all allies’ ATK by 20 percent, increase all allies’ CRIT DMG by 24 percent, or increase all allies’ Energy Regeneration Rate by 12 percent. The applied effect cannot be identical to the last effect applied, and will replace the previous effect. The applied effect will be removed when the wearer has been knocked down. Effects of the similar type cannot be stacked.

Best Relics for Yukong

When it comes to Relics for Yukong the stats you want to boost are SPD, ATK, DMG, or CRT. Though as mentioned before, boosting Yukong’s SPD is the optimal way to build her. Ideally, you want to equip the full four-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat Relic set on Yukong. Not only will this increase her ATK and ATK DMG by 10 percent but it will also give her a 6 percent SPD increase.

Alternatively, you can opt for a two-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat set and pair it with a two-piece Wastelander of Banditry Relic set. This gives Yukon a 10 percent boost to ATK and a 10 percent increase to her Imaginary DMG. You can mix and match how you want depending on if you focus more on Yukong’s support abilities or if you need her to deal out big damage against enemies with an Imaginary weakness.

Focus on increasing Yukong’s speed in order to use her support buffs as often as possible.


Best Ornaments for Yukong

As for Ornaments, there are two different choices that give you the best stats for Yukong. The first is to equip the Fleet of the Ageless Ornament set, which increases Yukong’s HP by 12 percent, and increases the ATK of all allies by 8 percent when Yukon’s SPD reaches 120. So, if you are building her properly you will be able to get that buff for your allies with little difficulty.

Alternatively, you can equip the Sprightly Vonwacq set. This increases Yukon’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 5 percent. It also moves her next action forward in the action order by 40 percent upon entering battle when her SPD reaches 120 or higher. This is a great option to keep Yukong at the front of the action order so you can constantly be using her toolset to give much-needed buffs to allies before they act, maximizing the amount of damage they can do.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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