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Hitman 3 isn't the end of the franchise "at all"

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Everything we know about the inevitable ‘Hitman 4'

'Hitman 3' is great, but is it the end of the franchise? Here's everything we know about a potential 'Hitman 4.'

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Hitman 3 is a literal killer app. Players tear through the world as a bald assassin called Agent 47, murdering targets in the most creative ways possible. After a certain point in the game, the killing comes to a close, and the credits roll. Does the saga of Hitman conclude with Hitman 3? Possibly, but there's also a lot of evidence to suggest Agent 47's journey could continue. Here's everything we know about the possible Hitman 4.

When might Hitman 4 be released?

We don't currently have a date for Hitman 4 because it has yet to be announced. Since the franchise returned in 2016, a new Hitman game has been released by IO Interactive every two years.

However, we likely won't get another game in the next two years. Hitman 3 was considered the conclusion of the World of Assassination saga that began with Hitman (2016). The last time a trilogy ended there was a six-year break from the franchise, followed by a one-off game called Hitman Absolution, which was followed by a four-year hiatus.

In December 2020, IO Interactive Creative Officer Christian Elverdam confirmed to Game Informer that Hitman 3 wasn't the end of the lauded franchise "at all." He also confirmed that the franchise was on an indefinite hiatus, so the studio could enjoy new creative avenues like working on their upcoming James Bond game.

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Taking these factors into account helps us understand when a new Hitman game could debut. In an interview with the Danish publication, DR, IO Interactive studio head Hakan Abrak said that the James Bond game could be a trilogy and will likely require a massive staff expansion from IO Interactive.

“Today we are 200 employees and I expect that we will be over 400 employees over the next few years," said Abrak.

If IO Interactive is basically doubling their staff for the James Bond trilogy, we can either assume that it means James Bond will be massive or that they're working on two games at once.

Perhaps the first James Bond will come out in two years then take six years to finish the trilogy as Hitman did. But before IO Interactive debuts James Bond's conclusion, they announce a new Hitman trilogy, returning us to the world of Agent 47. This would place Hitman 4's release around 2025 or 2026.

Is there a trailer for Hitman 4?

No, there isn't a trailer. This game hasn't been announced.

Are there leaks regarding Hitman 4?

Not yet. It's too early for anything to be leaked.

Does Hitman 3 setup Hitman 4?

Major Hitman 3 spoilers follow.

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Yes, it does. Hitman 3 has two potential endings. In the first ending, Agent 47 tears through a shady agency called Providence, taking it down with help from his longtime handler, Burnwood. After this, Agent 47 hangs up his silenced pistol for awhile. In an epilogue that takes place a year later, Burnwood calls Agent 47 to ask if he'd be interested in an assassination job. Of course, Agent 47 responds "yes," setting up a sequel for Burnwood and 47 to be back on the assassination grind together.

In the second ending, Agent 47 fails to take down Providence, and instead winds up getting his memories erased. After a short black screen, Agent 47 wakes up in a padded room as somebody says to him, "Wake up my friend. It's the dawn of a new day and you have things to do."

Sure, the voice could be talking about a chore Agent 47 needs to do, like dishes, but diehard fans will recognize the situation as a parallel to how the first Hitman game opened with Agent 47 as an amnesiac killing machine.

No matter the ending you get, there are certainly more killings to be had in the world of Hitman. You might just have to wait a few years to see them arrive.

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