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Hitman 3 Dubai Guide: How to get admin privileges for the server room

Here's how to sole the server room puzzle in Hitman 3's Dubai mission.

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Hitman 3’s opening mission is an immediate highlight. Set atop a gigantic Dubai skyscraper, Agent 47 must track down two targets wandering through a massive party. While you can always sneak around and assassinate them the old fashioned way, there are a few story paths worth exploring before completing the hit.

The story mission "How Might They Fall" tasks Agent 47 with infiltrating a server room to arrange a business meeting between his targets. While parts of the mission are straightforward, there’s a puzzle to be solved in the actual server room. Here’s how to gain admin privileges to solve the server room puzzle.

How to get into the Server Room in Hitman 3's Dubai mission

First thing’s first: You’ll need to infiltrate the server room. As is the case with any Hitman game, there are a few different ways to get in. You can either disguise yourself to sneak up to the building’s maintenance area undetected or open a window and scale the outside of the building to sneak into a corridor. Follow your mission marker and look for a door labeled as the "Server Room."

Agent 47 infiltrates Hitman 3's Dubai server room.

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Before entering, it’s a good idea to knock out a maintenance person and steal their clothing. Right before you enter the actual server room, you’ll find a room that tends to have one guy hanging out in it. Knock him out, steal his clothing, and stuff him into a locker.

When you enter the server room, you’ll interact with the terminal in the center. Then, you’ll have to pull a server rack to gain full access to the console. As soon as you pull one, an alarm goes off and guards will storm in. You can either hide in the shadows and wait for them to pass or very quickly lockpick your way out of the room and exit undetected thanks to your disguise. Either way, you’ll need to do a little extra work now.

How to acquire admin privileges in Hitman 3’s Dubai mission

To hack the computer, you’ll need to get admin privileges somehow. Luckily, the answer isn’t far away. There’s a maintenance hallway right next to the server room. At the end of the hall, you’ll find a maintenance guy carrying a keycard. Knock him out and steal the card, but be careful as there’s usually one other staffer in the hall. You can isolate him by luring him around the hallway corner with a coin and stuffing him in a locker after.

Hitman 3's Dubai server room solution.

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Head back to the server room, and you’ll see a terminal next to the computer. Swipe the card there, and you’ll be prompted to try pulling a server rack again. This time, however, you have a clue as to what’s the right one. Look on each of the four monitors in the room, and you’ll usually see a green code on each one. This time, you’ll notice that the text is yellow on one of the four screens. Pull that server rack and you’ll gain access to the computer.

Now you just have to use the terminal to arrange a meeting between your targets and think of some creative ways to kill two birds with one stone as you continue with your hit.

Hitman 3 is now available across all major platforms.

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