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Everything you need to know about Halo Infinite’s Winter Contingency event

Oh, the weather outside is contingent.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer has another big event happening now, and this one is holiday-themed. Have you heard the hype about the Winter Contingency celebration? Want to know when it starts and what free skins you might be able to unlock? We’ve got all the important dates, start times, rewards, and challenges necessary to get Spartans in the festive spirit.

What are the Halo Infinite Winter Contingency dates?

Halo Infinite’s Winter Contingency event is set to run from December 21 through January 4, 2022. If it starts at the same time as other multiplayer events in Halo Infinite, players can expect the new rewards and battle pass to appear on December 21 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Winter Contingency has been listed on Halo Infinite’s event calendar from the beginning.


What are the Halo Infinite Winter Contingency rewards?

Winter Contingency features a 10-tier battle pass with a reward earned at each rank. Here’s the latest list of leaked rewards unearthed on December 15. The graphic is accurate, and you can read the official reward names below.

An early look at Halo Infinite’s Winter Contingency rewards

  • Rank 1: Wild Justice nameplate
  • Rank 2: Peppermint Laughter armor coating
  • Rank 3: UA / Tatius shoulder pad (left)
  • Rank 4: UA / Tatius shoulder pad (right)
  • Rank 5: Peppermint Laughter MA40 Assault Rifle coating
  • Rank 6: Snowmageddon backdrop
  • Rank 7: Navlogcom nameplate
  • Rank 8: Peppermint Laughter MK50 Sidekick coating
  • Rank 9: Myesel ammo pouch
  • Rank 10: Sunset Contessa armor coating

You can get a better look at some of the designs by checking out the graphic above.

Is there a Halo Infinite Winter Contingency trailer?

Despite leaking a few days early, this official trailer was published on Winter Contingency’s start date of December 21. The short clip shows the aforementioned rewards in greater detail.

The official Winter Contingency trailer for Halo Infinite.

What are the Winter Contingency Challenges?

Perhaps feeling the heat from some of the community feedback around Halo Infinite’s cosmetic grind, the only challenge necessary to unlock the entire Winter Contingency event pass is to play at least one match of multiplayer over 10 of the next 13 days. The first match you play each day will be counted towards the reward. It’s easy, but it does mean you won’t be able to blast through the entire pass in a single day.

What else will be included in the Halo Infinite Winter Contingency event?

Not much more. 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jerrard recently mentioned on Twitter that “the upcoming winter/holiday daily reward event is not the same scope/magnitude as Fracture: Tenrai.” As such, it doesn’t feature an LTM, altered maps, or a lengthy battle pass likely we’ve seen in the past.

For the most part, Winter Contingency will feature Halo Infinite multiplayer as you currently know it.


One possible outlet for making Winter Contingency bigger, of course, is the Item Shop. Past leaks claimed that Santa hat and reindeer antler headpieces may be part of Winter Contingency. However, because they’re not listed above in the 10 ranks, it’s possible they’ll be featured as a paid cosmetic.

We’ll do our best to update this post with new information as it becomes available.

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