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Here's exactly when Halo Infinite challenges reset each week

You have limited time, Spartan.

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Halo Infinite

The challenges in Halo Infinite are integral to the battle pass progression system. After all, completing challenges is the only way to earn the experience needed to level up your battle pass that unlocks new cosmetics. Like many live-service games, Halo Infinite’s challenges reset either after a day or a week depending on the category. Anyone stepping into the free Halo Infinite multiplayer beta should be aware of how challenges work, when they reset, and what changes each week. Thankfully, things remain fairly predictable, but it’s possible that the challenge system or reset time could be altered in the future. For now, however, here’s how everything works.

When do the Halo Infinite weekly challenges reset?

List of Halo Infinite challenges.


There are two main types of Halo Infinite challenges: Daily and Weekly. The Daily challenges reset each day at 12 p.m. Eastern, while the Weekly challenges reset every Tuesday at 12 p.m. Eastern. This means you have until the above-listed times to make progress towards any active challenges that are currently available.

Once challenges reset, you will lose any progress you’ve made within a particular challenge (for instance, earning a certain number of assists in PvP). So be sure to finish any challenges you’ve made progress towards so you can maximize your efficiency.

Thankfully, you’re able to view the new upcoming challenges ahead of time. From within the Challenges menu, you can press Y on your Xbox controller to see the upcoming Challenges, along with the amount of XP they offer. That way, you can always be prepared for the tasks ahead.

Remember, if there’s a particular challenge you aren’t keen to complete, you can always use a Swap token to trade it for another. Hopefully, the one you trade it for is better suited to your play style.

What resets each week?

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Of course, each Tuesday, the challenges reset, but that isn’t all. This also means the Ultimate Reward resets each week, so you’ll want to be aware of that as you play. Ultimate Rewards are given to you if you complete all of your challenges for the week, so if you fail to do so, you’ll miss out but will have a new Ultimate Reward to work towards.

In addition, the in-game shop resets each week, with new cosmetic items to purchase, so be sure to check that on Tuesdays at Noon Eastern to see what’s available.

Throughout the week of November 23, Halo Infinite featured its limited-time Fiesta playlist, which will also be coming to a close on Tuesday, November 30. Assuming the game implements the same schedule going forward, you can expect limited-time events to end on Tuesdays at Noon eastern, just like this one.

It’s important to note that 343 Industries will likely be changing the way progression works, so it’s possible the challenges will undergo certain alterations, as well.

Halo Infinite’s head of design Jerry Hook said “Yes, I am still playing Halo and feeling everyone’s pain on progression,” on Twitter. “We are back at it next week and this will be top of my list with the team.”

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is available for free right now on Xbox and PC.

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