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Halo Infinite shop adds Mister Chief, A259, and Snow Bird bundles

There’s Mister Chief, and then there’s Mister Chief.

Halo Infinite

It’s the last week of 2021, and the Halo Infinite item shop has one more update before the New Year. For the week of December 28, 2021, there are plenty more items to spend your hard-earned credits on, from weapon skins and vehicle emblems to charms. These are the new Halo Infinite items available in the shop.

This week in the Halo Infinite shop, you can purchase the Mister Chief bundle, the A259 Collection, the Snow Bird set, and the Shred or Die bundle. We like the Mister Chief bundle since it comes with a silly, crudely-drawn character emblem, along with the beautiful Noble Principle blue vehicle coatings.

What are the Halo Infinite shop updates?

Start the New Year with these fancy new cosmetics.


While the new list isn’t quite as exciting as the previous week’s, there are still a fair bit of cosmetic items you might want to check out. You’ll find four new bundles to purchase during the week of December 28, and here’s what’s in store.


Mister Chief bundle — 2,000 credits

Give your weapons some character with this bundle.

  • Mister Chief: Legendary AI Model
  • Mystery Mister: Legendary AI Color
  • Mister Chief: Rare Charm
  • Social Media Chief: Epic Nameplate
  • Social Media Chief: Epic Vehicle Emblem
  • Social Media Chief: Epic Armor Emblem
  • Social Media Chief: Epic Weapon Emblem

A259 Collection bundle — 1,500 credits

The Noble Principle vehicle coating lets you ride in style.

  • Noble Principle: Rare Vehicle Coating
  • Pilchuck Bumper: Epic Vehicle Model — M12 Warthog
  • Blue Commando: Rare Nameplate
  • Noble Principle: Rare Vehicle Coating — M808 Scorpion
  • Noble Principle: Rare Vehicle Coating — Mongoose
  • Noble Principle: Rare Vehicle Coating — Gungoose
  • Noble Principle: Rare Vehicle Coating — M12R Rocket Warthog
  • Noble Principle: Rare Vehicle Coating — M15 Razorback
  • Blue Commando: Rare Vehicle Emblem
  • Blue Commando: Rare Armor Emblem
  • Blue Commando: Rare Weapon Emblem

Snow Bird bundle — 1,000 credits

A fitting theme for this time of year.

  • Snow Blind: Legendary Vehicle Coating
  • Tundra Pursuit: Epic Weapon Coating — CQS48 Bulldog
  • Sabre Response: Rare Nameplate
  • Sabre Response: Rare Vehicle Emblem
  • Sabre Response: Rare Armor Emblem
  • Sabre Response: Rare Weapon Emblem


Shred or Die bundle — 500 credits

The Shred or Die bundle is perfect for the skaters out there.

  • Shreddin’: Epic Nameplate
  • UA/Type ST: Rare Knee Pads — Mark VII
  • Skull: Epic Charm

What are the Halo Infinite credit prices?

As a reminder, you need to purchase credits with real money in Halo Infinite. There is currently no way to earn credits by playing the game, unfortunately. These are the prices for each credit bundle, and it’s important to note that higher tier bundles grant you a bonus for spending more.

  • 500: $4.49
  • 1,000: $8.99
  • 2,000: $17.99 (+200 bonus)
  • 5,000: $44.99 (+600 bonus)
  • 10,000: $89.99 (+1,500 bonus)
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