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Halo Infinite shop update adds Blacksteel Katana for the Tenrai event

Enter a “Meditative State” by following the “Enlightened Path.”

Halo Infinite store today

Kicking off 2022 with a brand new store update, Halo Infinite has plenty of fresh cosmetics for sale you can spend your credits on this week. Starting January 4, 2022, you’ll be able to purchase four new bundles including Enlightened Path, Blacksteel Katana, Meditative State, and Desert Sun, giving you weapon skins, charms, nameplates, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the newest Halo Infinite items available in the shop.

The Halo Infinite item shop updates each and every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Eastern, giving players a new batch of items to purchase. While all the items are cosmetic, they’re often enticing, as they can make your Spartan look even more unique and awesome. But what does the new shop update have in store this time around?

What are the Halo Infinite shop updates?

Enlightened Path bundle highlights the item shop this week.


For the week of January 4, you can expect cosmetics perfect for katana lovers, as well as items for fans of the Yoroi armor set.


Enlightened Path bundle — 2,000 credits

We’re major fans of the Grand Play emblems, which can be applied to vehicles, armor, and weapons.

  • Enlightened Path: Legendary Mythic Effect Set
  • Grand Play: Rare Nameplate
  • Grand Play: Rare Vehicle Emblem
  • Grand Play: Rare Armor Emblem
  • Grand Play: Rare Weapon Emblem

Blacksteel Katana bundle — 1,500 credits

The Blacksteel Katana bundle features fancy cosmetics such as the Sun and Shadow nameplate.

  • Dragonbark Adornment: Legendary Weapon Model — MA40 Assault Rifle
  • Black Cat: Epic Weapon Coating — MA40 Assault Rifle
  • Tiger Energy: Rare Charm
  • Sun and Shadow: Rare Nameplate
  • Sun and Shadow: Rare Vehicle Emblem
  • Sun and Shadow: Rare Armor Emblem
  • Sun and Shadow: Rare Weapon Emblem

Meditative State bundle — 1,000 credits

The Meditative State bundle features items for the Yoroi armor set.

  • Expressive Soul: Epic Armor Coating — Yoroi
  • Imperial Crest: Legendary Helmet Attachment
  • Mirror Tale: Rare Stance
  • Black Opal: Epic Charm


Desert Sun — 700 credits

You’ll have many different coatings to choose from with the Desert Sun bundle.

  • Ryuu: Epic Visor — Yoroi
  • Forgotten Sands: Rare Armor Coating — Yoroi
  • Forgotten Sands: Rare Armor Coating — Mark V [B]
  • Forgotten Sands: Rare Armor Coating — Mark VII

What are the Halo Infinite credit prices?

Just as a reminder, you have to purchase credits with real money to buy items in the Halo Infinite shop. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to earn credits by playing the game, at least, not yet. Below is a breakdown of the credit prices (note that buying more will yield bonus credits):

  • 500: $4.49
  • 1,000: $8.99
  • 2,000: $17.99 (+200 bonus)
  • 5,000: $44.99 (+600 bonus)
  • 10,000: $89.99 (+1,500 bonus)
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