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GTA 6 Vice City leaks boost rumors about a southern setting

A fan-made map points out that GTA 6 could take some hints from RDR2.

Rockstar Games has yet to unveil what it has planned for the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI. For now, fans only know that next installment of the crime saga is in the works but a series of unconfirmed GTA 6 leaks claim the open-world adventure will see a revival of Vice City.

Other so-called "Project Americas" leaks also mention that GTA 6 will take place across multiple parodied U.S. cities and several Latin American-inspired destinations as well. One fan believes all of this could mean the return of a major Southern city from Red Dead Redemption 2 called Saint Denis.

On Sunday, Reddit user cmputerguy posted to the r/GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit pointing out that Take-Two Interactive (the series' publisher) renewed its ownership of the domains and This may just be a smart move for the company to stake claims on both of these so random people don't claim them, but it's at least possible that these websites could have a use at some point in the future. If the Project Americas do turn out to be true, and the game's story and online mode feature several cities in the U.S. South and South America, then it stands to reason that Vice City could serve as a central hub of sorts.

Then on Monday, Redditor PeddarCheddar11 posted an image of a hand-drawn map of the cities they hope to see in GTA 6 if the Project Americas rumors end up being true. They include multiple U.S. states along with a handful of Caribbean and South American locations, each with parody names given to the area.

We've got a rumor and a fan theory, but together they paint a compelling picture of how these Project America rumors could manifest in GTA 6.

Fan-made map predicting the area 'GTA 6' will span.

Reddit / PeddarCheddar11

"My rendition spans four hypothetical states," they wrote. "Pensa (Florida), Lemoyne (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama) Del Castro (Cuba, not an American state but a sovereign country, although free passage is allowed) Amañevo (Panamá, Columbia, and Northern Brazil...)"

Lemoyne is already included in RDR2 and contains the game's largest city — Saint Denis — which is based on New Orleans. If Rockstar really is planning on having GTA 6 take place mostly in the South, then a fictional version of The Big Easy would be a perfect fit for the overall theme and tone, as would Vice City, the GTA parody of Miami, which is also present on the map.

Rockstar has also built a reputation for linking its games together with sly Easter eggs and references over the years. There are countless references to previous GTA games in GTA 5 and even a few hat tips to the Red Dead universe.

Including Saint Denis in GTA 6 would allow Rockstar to sprinkle a myriad of RDR2 references throughout the upcoming title, which fans like Redditor vexemo would love.

"Just realized if they did a Southern/Caribbean based GTA map, they could totally implement Saint Denis into it," they wrote. "Considering they’d have to do a lot of work to make it 'modern' it could be a stretch, but would be amazing to have little references to RDR2 as well."

Could Rockstar give Saint Denis a modern make over for 'GTA 6'?

Rockstar Games

There is one RDR2 location that PeddarCheddar11 doesn't mention in their map that could also be a perfect fit for GTA 6 if the Project Americas leaks are accurate, Guarma. The Caribbean locale is only featured for a brief chapter in the Western, and GTA 6 could expand upon the island's story.

Rockstar could modernize the island and make it into drug smuggling base where the protagonist or protagonists of GTA 6 could stop in before they fly or sail to Saint Denis or even Vice City.

The world could be yours once GTA 6 is announced — or at least the southwestern quarter of it.

GTA 6 is currently in development.

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