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Here’s exactly how long it takes to beat Gotham Knights

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Gotham Knights
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gotham Knights is a noticeably different experience than the previous Batman Arkham games, focusing on gear and RPG mechanics, rather than straightforward progression. Despite being an RPG, Gotham Knights is still on par with other recent Batman games in terms of average playtime, offering plenty of side content and main story missions to complete. But just how long will this game take to finish?

How long is Gotham Knights?

On average, it’ll take around 12 to 15 hours to complete the main story, with plenty more to do in terms of side quests and optional missions. Your playtime will vary depending on the difficulty setting, how much you prioritize the main quests, and whether you focus on utilizing the best gear.

An average Gotham Knights playthrough will take around 12 to 15 hours to complete.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Completing everything the game has to offer will likely take you around 25 to 30 hours, but even after you’ve earned 100 percent, you can still partake in cooperative multiplayer missions online.

Gotham Knights chapter list

In total, there are eight main story chapters consisting of “subcases.” Most chapters have two subcases, with the exception of the first one. While there is no Chapter Select option, there are no missable quests, trophies, or items.

Gotham Knights consists of eight main story chapters.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Below are all the main chapters the game has to offer (beware of spoilers from their titles):

Case 01: Batman’s Last Case

  • Subcase 1.1 – Kirk Langstrom
  • Subcase 1.2 – The Langstrom Drive
  • Subcase 1.3 – Weird Science
  • Subcase 1.4 – Blackgate Blues

Case 02: The Rabbit Hole

  • Subcase 2.1 – AKA Oswald Cobblepot
  • Subcase 2.2 – The Powers Club

Case 03: In the Shadows

  • Subcase 3.1 – The Key
  • Subcase 3.2 – Chelsea Tunnel

Case 04: The Masquerade

  • Subcase 4.1 – Mark Hendricks
  • Subcase 4.2 – The Orchard Hotel

Case 05: The Court of Owls

  • Subcase 5.1 – Little Birds
  • Subcase 5.2 – Inside Gotham’s Walls

Case 06: Jacob Kane

  • Subcase 6.1 – Court Judgement
  • Subcase 6.2 – The Voice of the Court

Case 07: The League of Shadows

  • Subcase 7.1 – Friends In Needs
  • Subcase 7.2 – Talia al Ghul

Case 08: Head of the Demon

  • Subcase 8.1 – Dangerous Skies
  • Subcase 8.2 – The Lazarus Pit

Does Gotham Knights have New Game Plus?

New Game Plus allows you to carry over all your gear and skills while resetting the story missions.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gotham Knights does have a New Game Plus mode that becomes available after you’ve completed the main story. All of your skills and gear carry over to New Game Plus, but your story progress gets reset and you can’t revert back to a previous save. In order to reach level 40, which is the max level, you have to play New Game Plus, as your initial playthrough is capped at level 30.

Gotham Knights is available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC now.

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