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How to get the secret Sly Cooper armor in Ghost of Tsushima

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You've made your way through Tsushima as the titular Ghost of Tsushima, Jin Sakai, but what about developer Sucker Punch Production's other protagonists? Sucker Punch also created beloved franchises like Sly Cooper and Infamous, so if you're craving a nostalgic blast from the past, Ghost of Tsushima has one sly Easter egg that's worth pursuing, if only for the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy.

With a few easy steps, you can wear armor designed to look just like Sly Cooper.

Ghost of Tsushima: How to dress up as a legendary thief

The Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy requires that you dress up as a legendary thief, which means cosplaying as Sly Cooper.

Creating the ensemble requires you to collect three distinct pieces of gear: the Gosaku armor set, the Crooked Kama headband, and the Sly Tanuki sword kit. You'll also need a specific armor dye called Ocean's Guardian. You can start collecting these once you reach Act 2, but the final pieces won't be available until Act 3. Once you have all the necessary components, wear them at the same time to make the silver trophy pop. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Obtain the Gosaku Armor and Ocean's Guardian armor dye

The first collectible piece in your Sly set is the Gosaku Armor. You can obtain this by completing a Mythic Tale called "The Unbreakable Gosaku" that becomes available in Act 2 from the musician Yamato. You should do this ASAP. The Gosaku Armor isn't just a pretty chest plate; it's one of the strongest armor sets in the game. For a closer look at the step-by-step process, reference our guide.

After you've finished the tale and claimed the armor, head to any merchant to purchase the Ocean's Guardian dye for 10 Flowers, which can be found growing across the island. Merchants can be found at Survivor Camps, villages, and wandering the overworld.

Crooked Kama headband location

Sucker Punch / Sony

Step 2: Obtain the Crooked Kama headband

When Act 3 begins, your first mission is to reclaim the Jogaku Temple. After you've completed that, the world will open back up. Head to an area directly ahead of the Jogaku Temple featuring two pagodas. Climb the taller pagoda by standing directly below a corner of the building then hitting the jump button, using your grappling hook to latch on. Continue ascending the building until you reach its peak. You'll find the Crooked Kama headband there. As you might notice, the design and name is a reference to Sly Cooper's signature weapon.

Sly Tanuki Sword Kit Location

Sucker Punch / Sony

Step 3: Get the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit

The last piece of the Sly puzzle is a sword kit that can be found on Kamiagata's eastern coast. Head to a peninsula that protrudes from the coast northeast of Iwai Village. After scaling some rocks, you'll find a Pillar of Honor overlooking the ocean. Now you can claim the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit.

Put on every component mentioned to cosplay as Sly Cooper and unlock the trophy. You can wear other garments like a mask, so long as it doesn't take up a slot that could be filled by Sly Cooper fashion.

Bonus Infamous: Second Son Easter egg — Also in Act 2, grappling up to the top of the Omi Monastery temple will lead you to a headband called Band of the Second Son, a reference to the Infamous game.

For more fashion-forward gear in Ghost of Tsushima, try finding every haiku to unlock new headbands

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