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How to get Ghost of Tsushima's godly Gosaku Armor

Jin Sakai's ultimate set of armor makes him look like something out of a myth.

Fighting against the Mongolian invasion in Ghost of Tsushima can be tough, but you can make things a bit easier by pursuing some of the best armor in the game. If you complete the Mythic Tale called "The Unbreakable Gosaku," you'll earn a set of armor that will protect you through thick and thin. You can start working on "The Unbreakable Gosaku" as soon as you complete Act 1, but you'll have to initiate the quest first and then get to work on liberating some farms.

Here's everything you need to do in order to claim the Gosaku Armor.

What are Mythic Tales and how do you start one?

The musician Yamato serves as the quest-giver for every Mythic Tale. He'll tell you a story when you see him at different points in Tsushima. If you hear a peasant mention Yamato's storytelling, that's usually a sign that he has a new tale available, but it's always a good idea to check if you encounter him randomly. Either way, never pass up any tale you encounter, because the rewards are some of the best in the game.

The earliest Mythic Tale you can get, the Heavenly Strike, is a fantastic technique. And you can also earn the Kensei armor in Act 2, which will surely aid you in combat.

Step 1: Finding Yamato

Even if you've found a farm here and there around Toyotama, you'll need to speak with Yamato to officially begin the quest after you've reached Act 2. You can discover Yamato's location by speaking to peasants around Tsushima or you can simply just go a bit west of Hakutaku Forest to find him yourself (Check out our map if you're having trouble). Once you find Yamato, listen to his tale to begin the quest.

Yamato's location Unbreakable Gosaku

Sony / Sucker Punch

Step 2: Liberate the farms

As legend tells it, Gosaku entrusted the means for finding his legendary armor to six farms. Each was given a key to unlock the chest that houses the armor. Whoever seeks the armor needs to obtain all six keys. Unfortunately, as of Act 2, every farm is under attack. After you liberate a farm, they'll gift you their Gosaku key to show gratitude for your heroic deeds.

Four of the key-holding farms (Aoi, Yagata, Ohama, and Kuta) are located on Izuhara, the region where Act 1 is set. It's possible that you passed through these farms on your travels, meaning you could fast travel to these locations, making this part of the quest quite easy.

The last two farms (Koshimizu and Iijima) can be found in Toyotama and might require a bit of traveling on foot to uncharted areas.

Once you're in the vicinity of a farm, your HUD will change, instructing you to liberate the nearby farm. Here's where to find every single farm.

  • Key 1 — Liberate Koshimizu Farmstead
  • Key 2 — Liberate Iijima Farmstead
  • Key 3 — Liberate Kuta Farmstead
  • Key 4 — Liberate the Aoi Village
  • Key 5 — Liberate the Ohama Farmstead
  • Key 6 — Liberate the Yagata Farmstead
Sony / Sucker Punch
Sony / Sucker Punch

Step 3: Use your keys to obtain the Gosaku Armor

With all six keys in hand, your quest log will update with the location of Gosaku's armor. Travel to a hill in Akashima slightly north of the Old Togo Rice Fields. If you've already found nearby Pillar of Honor, use it to fast travel to the rice fields.

Unlike most Mythic Tales, this one doesn't conclude with a boss fight or duel. You put in a lot of work liberating those farms, so take this time as a breather. You've earned it.

When equipped, the Gosaku Armor will increase your health, stagger damage, and heal you upon killing a staggered foe. It's fantastic when challenging large groups.

For more Ghost of Tsushima Act 2 armor adventures, check out our guide for earning the Kensei Armor.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available for PlayStation 4.

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