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How to unlock the 5 best armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima

There's unique gear to fit every play style.

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Ghost of Tsushima gives players total freedom to explore the game’s vast environment, battle the Mongolian invasion, and, of course, choose impeccably cool clothing and armor for protagonist Jin Sakai.

Sucker Punch Productions included 11 different sets of armor, each with its own unique perks and enhancements. Choosing which one Jin should wear is extremely situational — you may stick to one that perfectly suits your play style, or swap sets frequently depending on the task at hand.

But regardless of what the world of Ghost of Tsushima throws at you, there are a handful of armor sets that are a cut above the rest. Here are the five best armor sets the game has to offer:

Ghost of Tsushima spoilers ahead. Read at your own discretion.

5. Tadayori’s Armor

Tadayori's Armor stats.

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You’ll find these archer's threads by completing The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale, which can be picked up in the Azamo region of Izuhara. You’ll stumble upon a musician in a location called the Rustling Bend that will give you the quest.

This armor immensely boosts Jin’s archery skills and makes it effortlessly easy to land headshot after headshot on any Mongol troops you may encounter.

4. Sakai Clan Armor

Sakai Clan Armor stats.

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Jin’s father’s armor is considered to be some of the most balanced gear in the game. You’ll get it as part of Ghost of Tsushima’s main quest line. Once you complete the Ghosts from the Past mission at the start of Act 2, Jin will unlock his family’s armor to help his battle against the Mongols.

The best feature of this equipment is its Standoff Streak bonus, which lets Jin challenge up to two more enemies during a standoff once it has been fully upgraded. This will let you net a flurry of free kills at the beginning of any fight.

3. Ghost Armor

Ghost Armor stats.

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If you prefer striking from the shadows instead of facing the Mongols head on, then you’ll want to slap the Ghost Armor on Jin. You’ll also receive this set as part of Ghost of Tsushima’s main storyline, specifically as soon as you start the From the Darkness quest at the end of Act 2.

This thief’s gear makes sneaking around a breeze and makes it easier to enter the Ghost Stance, which is a late-game stance Jin unlocks that lets him to one-shot anyone he attacks once he’s built up a high enough kill streak without taking damage.

2. Gosaku’s Armor

Gosaku's Armor stats.

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If you’re one to run headlong into every fight then you’ll want to find Gosaku’s Armor as quickly as possible. The set is rewarded after completing the Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale, which you’ll get at the start of Act 2 in Akashima Village.

This gear is regenerated Jin’s health every time he slays a staggered enemy, which makes fighting hordes of Mongols much more manageable. Read Inverse's in-depth guide on how to acquire Gosaku's Armor here.

1. Kensei Armor

Kensei Armor stats.

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Finally, if you like using Ghost weapons but still engaging in brawls, the Kensei Armor needs to be your go-to outfit. The only way to get it is by completing The Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale, which can be picked up during Act 2 in Umugi Cove after you complete the A Message in Fire quest.

The armor buffs Jin’s Ghost weapon damage and decreases how much damage enemies deal if they’re hit by a Ghost weapon. That means you’ll always have the upper-hand in any fighter as long as you keep scavenging for items like Kunai and Sticky Bombs.

Read Inverse's in-depth guide on how to acquire the Kensei Armor here.

Ghost of Tsushima is out now for PS4.

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