Everything we know about Yaoyao in Genshin Impact

Can I get a Yaoyao right nownow?

Genshin Impact has a massive roster. Though the game includes more than two dozen characters already, developer miHoYo continues to add more with each successive update every six weeks, like the imminent version 1.4. But even with loads of new content releasing in mid-March, there’s still plenty of interest in rumors and leaks about future expansions and characters.

One rumored future addition to the roster could potentially introduce a whole new magical element to Genshin Impact — potentially shaking up familiar combat strategies and character pairings.

Here’s everything we know about Yaoyao.

When is the Yaoyao release date in Genshin Impact?

Yaoyao is widely rumored to be the first character to wield the plant-based Dendro element. We’ve seen enemies use Dendro since launch, but players have been unable to access the ability in any capacity.

Yaoyao likely won’t be available in version 1.5 or 1.6. Many expect her to officially join the cast after Inazuma, one of Genshin’s seven nations, becomes a playable location. MiHoYo has yet to make an official announcement about when that could happen.

How will Yaoyao play in Genshin Impact?

Yaoyao’s playstyle is currently unknown, so it remains to be seen if she’s a support character, a healer, or a main damage dealer. We do know that she fights using a Catalyst and has critters in her backpack.

In lore, she’s a disciple of the chef Xiangling. Xiangling uses her pet Guoba in combat, so perhaps Yaoyao uses animals to fight as well?

We have seen Yaoyao’s walking style due to a leak from the Twitter user Lumie. The leak was pulled from the first Genshin Impact closed beta, so it will likely be different if and when Yaoyao becomes playable.

What is Yaoyao’s story in Genshin Impact?

We don’t precisely know Yaoyao’s story just yet, but she’s already mentioned in a number of voice lines for Liyue characters. It’s currently believed that Yaoyao is a Liyue-based chef-in-training. Yaoyao is mentioned in the voice lines for Beidou, Ganyu, Ningguang, Qiqi, and Xiangling.

From what we know, Yaoyao is a mischievous child studying to be a chef. She specializes in seafood. It seems that both Ganyu and Xiangling are Yaoyao’s teachers.

Ningguang describes Yaoyao as “the girl that Ganyu took under her wing.” Meanwhile, Ganyu’s voice lines make it sound like she was tasked with keeping Yaoyao out of trouble.

“Someone I know at the Ministry of Civil Affairs tasked me with keeping an eye on her in the city,” says Ganyu. It’s unknown to what extent Ganyu “teaches” Yaoyao.

In Xiangling’s voice lines, she describes being a senior chef to Yaoyao under the same master chef. Though it seems Yaoyao has been distracted from her studies recently.

“I'm proud to call her a fellow chef! She hasn't swung by the Wanmin Restaurant in ages, though” says Xiangling.

Yaoyao also seems keen on adventuring. Beidou’s voice lines mention that Yaoyao regularly journeys on her pirate ship, the Crux.

Even if we don’t learn more about Yaoyao in version 1.4, watch this space for any further updates or official confirmation from miHoYo.

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