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5 Steps to earn 4000 Raw Meat in Genshin Impact in just 1 hour

Dinner is served.

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Genshin Impact contains dozens of recipes. When cooked, each recipe can provide a huge boon in combat by briefly increasing a specific stat by a sizable amount. Many recipes require Raw Meat, which can be found by killing animals like foxes, boars, and squirrels. Though normal play, you might slowly amass a collection of creature flesh by slaying the occasional animal or through expeditions.

If you're looking for a faster way to collect meat, the YouTuber taka gg has discovered a bug in Genshin Impact allowing you to farm nearly 4000 Raw Meat in just an hour. Here's how you do it.

What you need to perform the Raw Meat glitch in Genshin Impact

  1. You need to be Adventure Rank 40
  2. You need 2-4 total players
  3. To find a player that has completed Ganyu's Story Quest and subsequent "Fishing for Jade" quest, but not the "Return of the Jade Chamber" quest.
  4. If you're hosting, make sure it's not rainy or the boars won't spawn. You can fix this by pushing the in-game clock forward.
  5. Play as an archer to kill boars at a very quick pace.

If you can achieve all that, you'll have a bounty of Raw Meat at your disposal.

Additionally, if you lack friends who play Genshin Impact, try using their official Discord server. There's a channel on it called NA-Coop where you'll find plenty of folks looking to farm meat.

How to get unlimited Raw Meat in Genshin Impact

As the host, you'll need to do three things before your world is primed for glitching out some meat.

Step 1: Unlock the "Return of the Jade Chamber?" quest

This quest will be available after you've completed Ganyu's Story Quest that was added in version 1.2.

Step 2: Play the quest until you're told to "Chase the Boars"

Midway through the "Return of the Jade Chamber?" quest, you'll be asked to chase some boars, forcing them out of the area. To achieve this, you'll be asked to enter three yellow circles on the map. Only enter the first two circles then avoid the third one.

Step 3: Head to this exact location and invite your friends

Where the host should wait while their friends kill boars.

Taka GG / miHoYo

By standing in this location, other players can join your world and farm it. You can now open up your world for Co-op. To make things a smidge easier, try toggling your co-op settings to "Allow Direct Join." This will expedite the process a smidge, making your life significantly easier.

Step 4: Ask your friends to kill all the boars then return to single-player

When your friends enter your world, ask them to kill all the boars in the area, thus creating Raw Meat.

Once the creatures have been slain in full, use the in-game menu to return to single-player mode, kicking your friends out, but keeping the Raw Meat reward on the ground.

Step 5: Ask your friends to come back and kill more boars.

As soon as you've returned to single-player, ask your friends to come back and kill the boars again. As they return your world, the boars will respawn, allowing them to be slain for Raw Meat yet again.

Once they've killed all the boars, disconnect and repeat this step until you've spawned enough Raw Meat to satisfy your group. Avoid collecting the Raw Meat until you're finished with the bug. This will save you a lot of time.

If done correctly, you should be able to earn up to 4000 Raw Meat per hour.

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