Genshin Impact’s Mika Just Revitalized Spring's Thirstiest Trend

Short king spring returns.

Mika stepping back in surprise

Xiao, one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters, has been the shortest male character for years. Even though all of the playable characters basically use the same models, all of their heights vary just enough that some are perceptibly taller than others. The Genshin Impact community once debated the same topic with Heizou, another short male Genshin Impact character, until developers “buffed” his height before his official debut. Now that Mika has launched in Genshin Impact 3.5, one fan has found that he could possibly be shorter than the long-time record-holder.

Redditor Sleepoosguy_ shared an image of Xiao and Mika’s models side-by-side without their fluffy locks blocking the tops of their heads (and without eyes, for some reason). Mika’s head is noticeably flatter than Xiao’s, thus the claim that he’s actually shorter. After all, hair doesn’t count as part of your height in real life, so why should it count in a video game?

“Models are posed in Blender with Festivity's shader. I did not edit or pose them even slightly. They are at the same size and same length. Xiao just has a big forehead, so he's technically taller,” OP wrote in a comment underneath the post. They got the models from the Zeroruka Genshin Impact GitHub, which contains models that fans can use for creative purposes.

This doesn’t mean that Mika is certainly shorter than Xiao, though. One commenter argued that the two models are about the same height based on where their eyes, noses, and chins align, even if the tops of their heads don’t match. Another Redditor shared their own findings comparing the two in the game, where Mika still appears taller than Xiao. HXG, a reputable leaker, also wrote months ago that Mika should be taller than Xiao without counting his ahoge.

Genshin News, a channel dedicated to covering Genshin Impact community news, uploaded a video further supporting the theory that Mika is taller. In their video, they perform multiple tests like putting the two in water and seeing which one starts to tread water first. Shorter characters will start treading in shallower water because of how tall the water is in comparison to their bodies, approximately when the water rises above their waist level. However, Genshin News highlights that this could be because of Mika’s boots and not necessarily that his model is taller than Xiao.

During the Xiao versus Heizou debate, fans brought up leaked model data that proved Heizou was taller than Xiao based on in-game measurements. No one has shared data-mined measurements to support the same for Mika. So the jury is still out on whether or not Mika is truly shorter than Xiao. At the very least, he’s still one of the shortest characters in the game.

Genshin Impact players can currently pull for Mika with increased drop rates on Ayaka and Shenhe’s banners. If neither of these 5-star Cryo beauties interests you, then you can also try your luck with pulling Mika from the standard banner. Like the other 4-star characters, he has a chance of appearing in the standard banner or Paimon’s Shop after Genshin Impact 3.5.

Play Genshin Impact and roll for a chance at one of the game’s shortest kings today. Currently available for PC, PlayStation, iOS, and Android.

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