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What to know about the Genshin Impact Memory of Dust Banner

Who remembers dust?

Ningguang Genshin Impact Birthday Art

Your Genshin Impact character is useless ... unless they have the right weapon.

A hero’s arms can make or break your Genshin Impact team. Without the right weapon equipped, you might as well be playing as a mashed potato. Luckily, there are always new armaments available.

With the start of Genshin Impact version 1.5, two classic five-star weapons are returning. The Memory of Dust and Summit Shaper will be available once again.

Is the Memory of Dust worth spending your hard-earned Primogems on? Here's everything we know about the banner.

This article will primarily focus on the Memory of Dust. If you’d like to read our thoughts on the second five-star in this Banner, the Summit Shaper, please read this article.

What is the Genshin Impact Memory of Dust Banner start time and end time?

The Memory of Dust Banner will start on April 27 when the 1.5 update is released and conclude on May 18 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

What weapons are featured on the Genshin Impact Memory of Dust Banner?

The Memory of Dust Banner features two five-star weapons: Memory of Dust (Catalyst) and Summit Shaper (Sword).

The Summit Shaper, in the metal.


In addition to the two five-star weapons, you’ll also have an increased chance to obtain five four-star weapons: Lithic Blade (Claymore), Lithic Spear (Polearm), The Flute (Sword), Eye of Perception (Catalyst), and Sacrificial Bow (Bow).

Are you guaranteed to get Memory of Dust in Genshin Impact?

No, you’re not guaranteed to get the Memory of Dust. But you are guaranteed a featured five-star after pulling a certain number of times.

You’re guaranteed a five-star weapon after 80 pulls, meaning if you don’t obtain a five-star by pull 79, your next one will be something special. Pity pulls have a 75 percent chance to be a promoted weapon like the Memory of Dust or Summit Shaper. If you don’t get a promotional weapon on your first pity, you’ll receive it on your next one.

According to user collected data, the Featured Weapon Banner usually has a 50-50 chance for each promotional weapon, if you’re going for that. Assuming that to be true, it implies obtaining your ideal five-star could take up to 320 pulls. That translates to about 52,100 Primogems.

The full Memory of Dust banner


Is the Memory of Dust a good weapon in Genshin Impact?

The Memory of Dust is a “good” weapon in the same way that every five-star is a “good” weapon. It’s certainly more powerful than a four-star weapon, but its use is fairly limited.

The weapon increases shield strength by 20 percent, meaning it’s only useful if you have a character in your party that can use shields. This also means that the weapon is primarily useful in a Geo-centric party.

The only Geo character that can use Catalysts is Ningguang. Unless you have Ningguang in your party, the Memory of Dust is fairly useless. If you actively use her, it’s possibly the best weapon that you could equip.

Should you pay for the Memory of Dust banner in Genshin Impact?

If you're not planning to use Ningguang, it's not recommended that you invest too much in the banner. For a five-star weapon, it has a rather shallow pool of uses. The four-star weapons in the banner are just passible as well.

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