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How to redeem Genshin Impact Primogem codes on PS4

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The world of Genshin Impact revolves around Primogems. You can use Primogems to add new characters to your roster using wishes or they can be spent to get some extra Resin. You'll have an easier time in Genshin Impact if you have more Primogems at your disposal.

Developer miHoYo often distributes extra Primogems using limited-time codes. Until recently, these codes required that you logged onto miHoYo's website to redeem them, which barred console players from using them. MiHoYo has updated the methods you can use to redeem codes, allowing even those on PS4 to join in on the fun. Here's what you need to know

How to redeem Primogem codes on PS4

Although players had been waiting for weeks to access codes on PS4, redeeming them is a rather straightforward affair:

  • Press the options button on your PlayStation controller to bring up your menu
  • Select the gear-shaped icon, located on the lower left side of the menu, to reach your Settings
  • In your settings, scroll down to the Account tab to find "redeem codes"
  • Simply press X to redeem a code

If you're on PC or mobile and somehow stumbled upon this article, you can use this form to redeem codes.

How to find new Primogem codes

Primogem codes are limited-time distributions. If you spot a hot code one day, it might not work the next day. Or perhaps you just redeemed a Primogem code and you're hankering for a new batch? No matter what camp you're in, new Primogem codes are rather easy to obtain. The first way to obtain codes is via miHoYo's news feed. Codes will sometimes be snuck into the tail ends of news posts.

Assuming you don't want to scour every post, the Twitter user, Zeniet, often posts codes as they're available.

What Primogem codes are currently available

You can find all available Primogem codes on this fan website. The only currently usable one is GENSHINGIFT. Redeem it to claim 50 Primogems and three Hero's Wit items.

What should you use Primogems on?

If you've got Primogems burning a hole in your pocket, we'd recommend spending them on earning new characters from banners. While Primogems can be used for just about anything in Genshin Impact, you should only spend them on obtaining new characters.

Check the currently running banner to see if there are any rate-up characters that you'd like to add to your team. If there aren't, wait it out and save your gems for a few weeks. Primogems are difficult to obtain, make sure that you spend them on something you really want.

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